Who is Red John?

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Harker Rosalind

Harker Rosalind
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I am the most let down person on earth with Red John's reveal, and the bullshit after that. I can't watch a complete episode now before I start to curse and get all depressed about all the things I've imagined RJ to be, and how he turned out to be.

But I will share my secret fantasy with you...
I wake up one day, just drinking my coffee and I just want to check on whoisredjohn.com, just to see what's going around, how many people are still upset like me etc.
Then I see the top comment someone wrote there, starting with: "I KNEW IT! YOU SEE? RJ STORY WAS NOT OVER YET!!...."
As soon as I see that sentence, blood rushes to my brain and I can't believe it but I'm just dying to see if it's true. I close the website in one milisecond not to get any more spoilers. And then with haste, I download the shit out of all the episodes I haven't watched, after excruciating first few Jisbon episodes now I start to realize, there's an explanation for all that bullshit we've been through, and that's intellectually satisfying one. After all, RJ story ends so beautifully, I stare at the blank screen for half an hour, amazed by the mind games writers prepared for us, almost crying.

Yours sincerely,
The person just as disappointed as you.

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