Who is Red John?

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Teresa Lisbon

Teresa Lisbon
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Why is everyone so angry? Just saying

If you hated it i respect that but i loved it and heres why.
Season 7 seems like the writers are finally doing stuff they couldn't do before. Mainly because of Red John and the low status of the Cbi.
I loved the past and the low status of the cbi but things sometimes grow and change.
If you are being real with yourself the non red john episodes from seasons 4-5 were not that good at all. If Rj did not exist those episodes would of gotten the show cancelled by themselves. Volker? Come on

Season 7 is fun. We get to see stuff we always wanted to see.
Like jane and Lisbon together.

Why is everyone being so weird about Jisbon? I feel like i am in 2nd grade and all the kids think Jisbon has cooties. It makes sense for Jane and Lisbon to be together after all they been through. I can see if they did it real cheesy lovey dovey but they are not doing that at all.
I think Jisbon provides great convo between The two. No more Lisbon mad at Jane for 1000 time and Jane pretending like he doesn't like her.
No more 2nd grade shit!

Having these two together makes the show more interesting.
There a cool couple for fuck sake.
Hearing them talk things out when for years all they did was hide their emotions is great Tv people!

Erika Flyn vs Lisbon was better this time around.
Lisbon pretending to be psychic while Jane tells her what to do was the shit!
Other reasons why i like this season.
Abbot is a great actor. Bottom line.
He plays matchmaker for everyone.
Every time he talks i think its cool.
He is the man.
Cho is also the man.
Cho is more involved in the show now if you haven't realized.
He is my rock.
I am waiting for a Wiley centered episode to come soon.
That dude can act his ass off too.
The killer in tonights episode was a great actress as well.
The show stepped its game up really. Upgrades is cases, technology, setting, story lines for crimes, etc.

It has no more tricks to hide behind and is finally being honest with us.
Enjoy it as a funny witty cop show.
If you want Brett Partridge to be Rj then just watch Dexter and calm the hell down.
I am a fan of the mentalist, who else is?

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