Who is Red John?

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Teresa Lisbon

Teresa Lisbon
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-Lazarus -

Patrick Jane woke up from a terrible coma ,and found himself lying on a couch surrounded by carnival-like walls and South African curiousities. Despite the pounding headache, persistent dizziness and hazy memory of last night, he managed to pull himself back together and gave a rare smile. His eyes was fixed upon a shadowy figure visible who was sitting on a wooden chair across him.
"Where am I?"
"Hello Patrick. Welcome back," the voice replied in a soft, monotonous tone.
"Spare me from your theatrics you misera..." Before Patrick Jane could finish his sentence, the shadowy figure moved towards him and placed a cold blade under his throat.
"One more word and I'll cut your throat."
"You know what Sam Bosco told me before he died?"

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