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Brett Partridge

Brett Partridge
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Well obviously i'm sharing my disappointment here. The Lazarus serial killer was a joke, not more than any bad guy they catch on a regular basis. It wasn't series finale material except for the wedding part, but that would fit rather in gossip girl final or so. I am angry at myself for not letting go since the day I saw the leaked episode 608. Though I stopped watching after that episode, I kept reading content on this website and other articles, keeping my hopes up. Even today I watched the finale hoping for a "Hello Patrick" that never arrived.

I guess my attachment to the RJ arc got me stupid, but I must say that reading amazing theories here also makes you long for more, for smarter, for greater and more surprising than what the writers delivered. I have different scenarios in mind, RJ was Partridge, RJ was Rigsby, RJ was Haffner, RJ was Stiles, RJ was McAllister but none of them include a master hypnotiser that didn't manage to cure his fear of pigeon, none of them include pigeons at all.

Some called me brain-dead for expecting the RJ return, but I believe TM changed and started to mainly address the "brain-dead" in the way that season 6/7 would please people that just watch the show without engaging in a deeper analysis, who don't connect the dots, who don't see the ramifications or the bigger picture.

One last point, writers should take into account the readers (and in our case the viewers) and not give away hints here and there and never act on them. They used writing elements to build cliffhangers and to drive drama but left us hanging there, that is not good writing, it is false adver-teasing (what Bosco told Jane for example) that leads nowhere. Just for that reason, I consider these writers are cheap and actually don't deserve the title of writers.

Thanks all for sharing great theories, raising valuable points and plot holes, for commenting, giving your opinion, analysing and re-analysing and always want to think an extra-mile. This state of mind might not be the dominant majority and might cause us some more disappointment in general, but I believe that's the right path.

Keep being curious and smart,

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