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Bob Kirkland
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Open letter to Bruno Heller,

I stared at a blank page with just a heading for over an hour, not knowing how to start, not knowing if I should curse you or pity you. There are no words to describe the frustration I feel after 7 years of dedication to your show, I don't believe Webster even has a word that powerful.I have to say, I stopped watching this clownish festival you called a reboot mid-way through the last season, I just couldn't handle it anymore; the finale? I haven't seen it and will not, what I've read around the web was more than enough.
Honestly, as an executive producer, do you deem yourself illegible to play with people's minds like that? Have you any idea of the level of damage 5 years of clues have done to the followers of your show? I'm not talking about your facebook fansite cheering for Jisbon (we will revisit that later), have you even a clue how much information websites like whoisredjohn.com and thementalist.wikia.com contain? 20000+ theories combined that prove this show had an amazing potential, something no other show ever had or can have. The initial idea was brilliant, at the end of 
Season 3 I gave you a hats-off for being a genius; and even though I agree with most that 'Strawberries & Cream' is the best RedJohn ending ever I was wishing for more, back then I was hoping it wasn't him and kept wanting more.
Then, irrationally, began the pour-down of clues on the audience; clues 
coming in left and right with such focus on them they left everyone in awe, scratching their brains and revisiting previous episodes endlessly to make the right connections. You might say it's our fault for focusing so much, I'll just answer that it wouldn't have been the case if you wouldn't have focused the camera so much on all those clues. I will not bother myself mentioning all the clues, you know them one by one, that culminated in 06x08.
'Red John' was so badly handled I simply dropped my jaw throughout the entire episode, from the lousy scripts all the actors were following to the pigeon trick (is that seriously fitting for such a story?). Nothing made sense and a tear in the universe wouldn't have fixed my jaw back in place at that moment.
Despite the ending to probably the greatest ark ever designed, and the lack of connection to all the carefully crafted clues you have given us; most fans including myself made up our own endings and resigned ourselves that you're just a producer with a lousy submissive personality who had to give in to Roth and his network. We decided to put all the red herrings, the Black Association and RedJohn behind us and waited for your reboot.What we didn't know is the level of lowliness you would reach, as if it was made on purpose to systematically shatter your fan-base and replace it with mindless sheep (yes, sheep).
The supposed reboot started with mentions of the BA to never again be used again (please do bold, underline, emphasize the word 'never'), then you have enjoyed sending us cryptic messages via Baker's script and some red colors here and there (again, carefully placed and specifically camera focused). WHY Bruno?Here's what I really think of your reboot and 'encore' season:
- All the reasons for admitting Jane into the FBI were never mentioned again.
- Marcus Pike (again using a cryptic screen name) had a huge potential yet was a total flop.
- The entire reboot was focused on a romance between Jane and Lisbon, this was clear from the beginning, yet I never imagined it would be that pathetic.
- What kind of a romance is that where Lisbon says 'I love you' and Jane looks away with a silly smile on his face instead of kissing her; are we witnessing real life here or a TV show? The chemistry between those two was clearly close to zero and it was as obvious as a slap on the face.
- Obvious? Maybe not for your sheep, you know those fans cheering the awesome(?) love story on facebook daily.
- Lazarus.. epic fail. Again, huge potential to give a closure, I'm baffled and speechless at your stupidity.All those fans who filled up your pockets throughout those years deserved something else

Bruno, I do hope someday you realize that; and I can tell you that no fans are ever going to follow you again, not to Gotham and not anywhere else (yet apparently you care only about the sheep so please keep them).I do apologize to the 'sheep' reading this, if anyone feels offended kindly understand this show had something you probably won't ever see and was destroyed by money hungry megalomaniacs.
This is an honest rant Bruno, coming from an ex-fan who has literally wasted days and weeks following your show. I personally hope you choke on all the money you made tricking people.

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