Who is Red John?

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Dr. Royston Daniel

Dr. Royston Daniel
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I honestly think this is the first show in history where the antagonist was falsely revealed and it was left up to the audience to surmise who he was.
We all know Macalister was not Red John for 100 different reason
The biggest reason is that Macalister is NOTHING like Jane.
And we learned by two people that Jane and Rj are two peas in a pod.
Could Red John of walked out the back door with nobody noticing ?

*Red John loves Jane more than anyone on earth.
Rj taught Jane a lesson.
Played a game with him.
Then used him to take down the Ba.
Maybe the Ba did something to piss Rj off?
-Red John from the very beginning was leaving breadcrumbs for Jane.
It all started with the poem tiger tiger...
The way all the clues fell on Janes lap...Partridge, Sophie Millers tapes, Lisbon Spared, Kira Tinsley, etc
Leads us to believe someone was leading him this whole time...

My favorite example of this was the Dumar Tanner Rosaline Harker episode.
Red John wanted Jane to meet her.
Wanted him to see the smiley.
Wanted him to read the letter.
And wanted him to learn about Roy Tagliaferra...
When Jane thought he was getting closer he was really just where Rj wanted him...

So in the end i guess since Rj loved Jane so much he decided to give him what he wanted. A red john of sorts...
Red John tied Macalister up nice and neat with a bow for Jane.
Ending his hellish sad excuse for a life filled with regret from the death of his family.
Even the usb was planted there for cbi to easily find...

Maybe Jane being of split personalities left himself clues.
And in the end killing Macalister also killed Janes alter ego ?
Ehhh prob not...

But anyway who do you think snuck out the back door?


How do you find this theory?
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