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Bob Kirkland

Bob Kirkland
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Just saw Banshee last night. The way Hood took down Chayton was literally how Jane took down McAllister. (with tid bit of gus fring also) For the first time in years, FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 2 FUCKING YEARS, do I slightly tiny bit understand Red John/McAllister. Well... Actually not, it was more like mixing timothy carter's demise with McAllister's and the gus fring finale. However, I do feeel a little different. Maybe Red John got sloppy towards the end of his rein. As we studied on this website before, Red John has changed his killing method numerous times throughout the course of the show. In the end, it's as simple as this. We have assume that 6x08 happened because if not, DA FUQ?. Red John hypnotized McAllister (BA member), and gave him to Jane so he could get closure and got away with his crimes. TELL ME ONE OTHER EXPLANATION THAT WORKS BESIDES THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Other then McAllister being Red John ofcourse, because in the end trolls and little ugly worms can say whatever the fuck their shitty hearts want, but that won't affect us cuz we're above such low-level scum. We (original fans) will never accept Red John as McAllister. EVEN SIMON FUCKING BAKER WASNT HAPPY WITH RED JOHN BEING MCALLISTER. HE WAS THE HAPPY WITH THE WAY HE KILLED HIM BUT NOT THE IDENTITY. As well as many reviewers from various websites. Many of you might have watched some videos of Americ on the Happy Cool youtube channel. Although he is arguably the #1 jisbon fan on earth, he just revealed in his final mentalist review/qa on youtube that he hated the red john reveal amd HATED THE SHIT OUT OF LAZARUS. He loved the story, the RED JOHN story, and thats why EVERYBODY AND I MEAN EVERY FUCKING PERSON KEPT WATCHING THE SHOW. IT WAS THE REASON WHY IT RECIEVED UNIVERSAL ACCLAIM THROUGHOUT ITS FIRST 5 SEASONS. IT WAS THE REASON WHY IT WAS WATCHED BY SEVERAL TENS OF MILLIONS EVERY WEEK AND RECIEVED WIDESPREAD APPLUAD FROM NUMEROUS ASSOCIATIONS. But it flopped in the end, arguably like most shows do so oh well. It is not anger of how Bruno Heller finished the Red John arc that brings me here anymore. It was at first. I'm sure everyone was angry. But you know what, I've gotten over that like other aspects of life. You eventually get over them. I've recently been coming here for the following reasons. 1.) admiration for a few commenters 2.) Appreciate this site in general 3.) its fun

However the time has come, for me at-least, that I must move on. This website and The Mentalist (the Red John part) has entertained me tremendously and gave me great enjoyment and pleasure. Now there are many other tv shows, movies and other forms of art to enjoy. As well as other adventures in life that each and every one of us should strive for and enjoy. I mean, I thought to myself, maybe I can still check this site occasionally and that'd be great but everything in life and I truly mean everything has a beginning and an end. And for me this is the end. Roll tide.

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