Who is Red John?

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Bret Stiles

Bret Stiles
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... And behold, Patrick finds his nemesis, right in front, in a beautiful garden, with a creepy smile on his face, and at the same time with a serenity that leaves a little under the weather patrick

"Hello, Patrick. How long, do you? I hope you're not surprised, that would be disappointing."

"...... How is this possible?" Patrick says, with a face who seems to be in shock.

After minutes and minutes of explanation of what really happened until that fateful 6x08, Red John tells how defeated his "old friend" until patrick reveals that the time the game was on his checkmated.

"I've been waiting for this moment since he sent me McAllister, his temporary stand-in"

Patrick pulls out his gun and shoots RJ. Rj falls slowly.

"You may have won Red John, but can never overcome death."

Red John dies. Prelude in C Major starts playing.

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