Who is Red John?

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Ray Haffner

Ray Haffner
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In response to Theory #18821: First I love that we get to vent, rant and rave here with each other Post-Finale. ;-P Next, I agree with all the plot holes you guys listed here as being the worst. I also wanna know why the HELL did Heller want to drive us all crazy? He already made his millions. Plus syndication. Got into our heads. For me and some others I know of, Heller is/was Red John. (in Haffner's body) but Bruno didn't have the grapes to see it through. *Friends, please add in your own RJ. ;-D Might as well hold onto our memories and dreams of what could have been. (or not.) Yeah, then again maybe we should just "feel our anger" and use the Dark side of the force like Bruno did. lol  I think Heller is the true Red John. He just messed with us and then gave us the double bird as he left us gasping for air on the ground. The End. -- I still enjoyed the first 6 1/2 years of The Mentalist, but it's kinda ruined by all the plot holes and his obvious disdain for detective-like fans of the show who he led around with his breadcrumbs for over 6 years and then said, Oh sh*t.. now where was I? Fu*k, I'm lost! Oh well, just grab the worst RJ possible and pass it off as "oh he wasn't so big and bad after all. They'll never know the difference." Riiiiiiight.....yeah we really fell for that one, Bruno. UM, NOT SO MUCH. But what can we do? Have a big freaking tea party together, that's what I say.

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