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Bret Stiles

Bret Stiles
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In response to Hll, I just wanted to say that PLL's twists and turns (Pretty little liars) are just as shit as The Mentalist's episodes were after the reveal.

I've been watching that stupid show since the beginning and the start was good, just like The Mentalist. But in the last few seasons, you get no real answers at all, they are just milking the storyline. The writer woman, Marlene King, is on twitter so she always teases and promises, but when the important episodes air, they are shit and have no real answers. And when fans ask her about it after she replies: "I didn't actually say that we will get an answer to that"..Bitch!  She could be married to Bruno Heller, they are just as bad as each other. 

Writers/creators nowadays are pathetic, just look at Shonda Rhimes. She got rid of Patrick Dempsey in Grey's Anatomy just because they weren't getting along. He was the main star of the show for f**k sake and the way she wrote his exit is really disrespectful to him. He helped that stupid woman cash in with the series, but all she cares about is her fame and fortune, not the fans and how they feel.

So basically my point is, many of these shows writers get f*****g stupid and up their own arses after their series become successful and they couldn't give a shit how the audience feels. It's not just The Mentalist. It's rare to find a good show that's great from start to finish. 

Rant over.:)

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