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Alright, here's my list of tv shows that I've seen. I could write an essay about some of these shows but I simply don't have the time so I just put my overall opinion of it. As belle beautifully said, "At this point we can only win." (A statement of colossal depth that should be written in gold. Think about what it means and what it refers to)

*Game of Thrones - episode 9 of this season is called "The Dance of Dragons". nuff said *Mad Men - series finale this Sunday. it was truly one of a kind. (I like The Mentalist more but I'm sure it'll have a better series finale. One that is coherent with the original seasons) (not comparing, I know that they are apples and oranges, simply stating the obvious) *24 - favorite show of all time, started watching in 2002. Last 3 seasons were weak, but live another day  was great. Plus season 5 is arguably the greatest season of television in general.*Hannibal - can't wait till Stoopkid's reviews *Person of Interest -  hope season 5 isn't the last one.(it got a 13 episode order) There are no words to describe this show. *Da Vinci's Demons - lots of mystery and intrigue with good visuals and performances *Banshee - intense actions with an amazing performance from the lead actor *Vikings - very promising *The Good Wife - I know, I used to hate it to. The first 4 seasons weren't that good. Then came Season 5. *Fargo - beautiful, just beautiful *Sherlock - wish there was more. we get roughly 4.5 hours of content every 2 years *Fringe - it was truly something *Heroes - got worse every season but the mini-series this fall looks really good *Suits - last 2 seasons became a sex-drama, but hey, there's nothing really wrong with that. Plus the plot is still fresh and unpredictable *Nikita - awesome *Breaking Bad - what can I say, that has not been said about it *Better Call Saul -  by the time it has reached Season 5, it will probably be equivalent to Breaking Bad *Homeland - it has its ups and downs, but the realism is really attractive *House of Cards - so maddeningly great, redefines the word addiction *The Blacklist - Oh this one was a shock. used to laugh at this show, now it's GREAT! *Daredevil - better than Batman Begins and I'm like the biggest Batman fan of all time. Seriously, My God!, This came out of nowhere *Continuum - God, this show is amazing. Where do I even begin. Everything about this show is perfection. How they balance science fiction with politics grounded in realism is astounding. Most of the actors on that show is giving the performance of a lifetime *Arrow - amazing superhero-comic-book tv show. this season has been weak but overall this show is fantastic *The Flash - too much greatness. I'll just say this, "Some would say I'm the reverse" *Agents of Shield - started of slow, but now it's great *Agent Carter - WOW *Elementary - generic case to case formula but Johnny Lee Miller is brilliant along with Lucy Liu. I hear Moriarty will be back next season to spice things up a bit.*White Collar - used to hate it to, then I binged the whole show (Oceans 11, Catch me If you Can, Neal Caffrey in White Collar.  it ain't no Mentalist season 7. *Burn Notice - I mean its Michael Weston so come on *Psych - are the two lead actors aliens in disguise? How can you act so well together? *Monk - it's a jungle out there *Spartacus - BAD ASS *Prison Break - last few seasons weren't that good but season 1 was fantastic *The Americans - My god, can this show get any better *Gotham - somewhat entertaining, but it has a lot of Bruno Heller's stupidity. Every arch besides the Penguin's is flawed.*The Walking Dead - original seasons were good, now meh but I sense a promising future *The Following - panned, cancelled, vulgar, trash overall but the Ryan-Joe relationship was beyond captivating *Covert Affairs - Season 4 makes it worth the watch. along with some of season 3 and 5.*Lost - have good memories of the first few seasons *The Fall - superb acting along with a great serial killer arch *Rectify - wondrous slow, deep drama about life *Chuck - perfect blend of humor and action along with lovable characters *Alias - weren't the first 2 seasons good? *Supernatural - has a lot of bad episodes but it's worth it because of the two lead characters *Marco Polo - great netflix show *True Detective - the show has presidential acclaim, what more do you want? *Castle - at-least the relationship between the two leads is the by far the best relationship on television ever. unlike jane/lisbon. (forced due to pressure/cancellation) plus the 3xk arch  was more consistent in quality than Red John. granted red john was greater but 3xk left me satisfied and that's what elevates it AND what matters the most.*Dexter - like The Mentalist the few seasons sucked, the first 4... were beyond flawless *Smallville - a lot of the episodes were forgettable, but I'm glad I saw the whole thing because there were a few fabulous seasons. *shows that only had 1 season (Stalker - had a good serial killer arch while it lasted, Awake - great premise, flopped in the end, Almost Human - had so much potential, The White Queen, Camelot

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