Who is Red John?

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Ray Haffner

Ray Haffner
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HOLY SHIT!!!! OH MY FUCKING GOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!! I have just come to an epiphany. I am huge Bond fan. This last one Spectre kind of let me down. BUUUUUUUUTTTTT, then I had a FUCKING INCREDIBLE thought. (If you haven't seen the movie, PLEASE PLEEEEAASE SEE the movie so you can be mind BLOWN like me. All I'll say here (I'll elaborate more later) is that what they did with Christoph Waltz is EXAAAAACTLY what the Red John story. BUUUUUTTTTT, why am I not that mad, it's because they did TWO FUCKING THINGS DIFFERENTLY!!!!!! AND that makes HUUUGGE FUCKING DIFFRENCE.
I'm such a busy workaholic, so I won't have time to clarify in depth for a several days. I'm sure most you are probably thinking DA FUQ?!!, so if you still haven't seen the movie, PLEEEAASE, see it. Trust me it'll be worth it if only for getting legitimate, concrete closure on Red John. (Cant help with My Blue Heaven - White Orchids. Let's face it, even you Stoopkid, that was GAH-BAGE! Literally, that was just filler, escapist TV)
So, just give me till the end of the week, to share my article regarding the insanely coherent, connection between Waltz villian (won't say his name) and Red John. And The Blake Association (which I liked, I know you all hated) and SPECTRE. And some thoughts, realizations, and most importantly closure. So as I said, please go see the movie this week, so you can be part of the discussion and get closure like I have with Red John. Thank you all.

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