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Thomas McAllister

Thomas McAllister
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The Blake Association were a "do what though will" Alister Crowley type of cult/group.

They were cops, judges, fbi, and ELITES running drugs and HUMAN TRAFFICKING out of Napa Valley...
Human trafficking and sex slaves like Timothy Carter style...yea..
They got lower level members through blackmail or making peoples problems "go away". (Reed Smith)

Red John didn't have magical powers.
He preyed on people with troubled backgrounds..

If he couldn't blackmail or pull rank he would use trauma based mind control to make his more cultish followers do as he pleased..(the women who are obsessed with him, who would die for him) Always women too right ?
I don't remember a guy ever calling him their God...

Sexually perverted trauma based mind control..aka breaking them thus owning their mind 

Jane knew what he was saying when he called him sexually perverted..

Lorelie was the classic example of this..

Her sister was sold, died in captivity as a slave.. 

RJ "broke" Lorleie the way Harvey Weinstein breaks his actresses..

Rj used LORE el LIE as a Madamme type HANDLER in VEGAS in order to LURE girls into RJs coven of mental slaves...


Bruno Heller broke PEDOGATE before Wiki leaks !!!

My biggest problem with he Rj reveal WAS that I couldn't get passed a "serial killer" like Red John also being an illuminati type Boss leader of the Blake Association..

But when you research the big time serial killers in reality, they all say they were working for other high end group of men who paid them to find victims ..

The RJ "calling card" of the smiley face and the toes painted was only a RED HERRING..

That wasnt his M.O.
He wasnt a serial killer in the "Dexter" sense...

Dexter has an MO when he kills...Rj killed and ordered tons of people killed in all different types of ways.

In fact, in the mentalist show, Rj killed more people in other ways besides his typical M.O. calling card...

The details were irrelevant like Jane implied...

The audience was looking for a creepy Brett Partridge type of guy as the Dexter-like serial killer..

Nobody ever expected a Napa Valley Sheriff who also was a MOB BOSS!!!

He had sleeper agents or "red John-doe's" all over..
His pawns like Reed Smith or Bertram knew someone had dirt on him and that they had to listen to RJ or they would be exposed...
Thats Washington DC in a nutshell..

Check out this real life story from Napa Valley as a random coiqience too...

"Cult-like mystery surrounds Napa shooting"
Register Staff Writer
 Nov 14, 2007 

-Stu P. Kidd

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