Who is Red John?

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Dr. Royston Daniel

Dr. Royston Daniel
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I think the list is fake...

1) we only get shown Patricks Reaction to the tape while he is with lisbon. (I am presuming he watched the CD before she chowed it to lisbon) so we don't know his true reaction.

2) He said at first he didn't want to tell lisbon about the list of suspects because she would "act differently" around them, however he seems to make no effort of doing this himself. Brett partridge noticed jane was being off with him, even to the point of asking him "why?" even though Partick is allways disliked him and therefore they've allways not got on, So patrick being funny isnt usually out of character. He was also acting differently with burtram too in lisbons office.

3) i think he meant for lisbon, grace, rigsby and cho to find out about the list, so they would all act funny around the people, lisbon would proably put the tracking bugs on them... therefore leading red john to think patrick really does think he is one of the 7 on the list, making red john belive he is one step ahead as usual.

Just a theory :)

How do you find this theory?
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