Who is Red John?

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I honestly think this is the first show in history where the antagonist was falsely revealed and it was left up to the audience to surmise who he was.
We all know Macalister was not Red John for 100 different reason
The biggest reason is that Macalister is NOTHING like Jane.
And we learned by two people that Jane and Rj are two peas in a pod.
Could Red John of walked out the back door with nobody noticing ?

*Red John loves Jane more than anyone on earth.
Rj taught Jane a lesson.
Played a game with him.
Then used him to take down the Ba.
Maybe the Ba did something to piss Rj off?
-Red John from the very beginning was leaving breadcrumbs for Jane.
It all started with the poem tiger tiger...
The way all the clues fell on Janes lap...Partridge, Sophie Millers tapes, Lisbon Spared, Kira Tinsley, etc
Leads us to believe someone was leading him this whole time...

My favorite example of this was the Dumar Tanner Rosaline Harker episode.
Red John wanted Jane to meet her.
Wanted him to see the smiley.
Wanted him to read the letter.
And wanted him to learn about Roy Tagliaferra...
When Jane thought he was getting closer he was really just where Rj wanted him...

So in the end i guess since Rj loved Jane so much he decided to give him what he wanted. A red john of sorts...
Red John tied Macalister up nice and neat with a bow for Jane.
Ending his hellish sad excuse for a life filled with regret from the death of his family.
Even the usb was planted there for cbi to easily find...

Maybe Jane being of split personalities left himself clues.
And in the end killing Macalister also killed Janes alter ego ?
Ehhh prob not...

But anyway who do you think snuck out the back door?


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Ahhh formermale our favorite troll of them all...
Listen Bro saying Macalister is Red John isnt YOUR THING.
Everyone knew thats who the show picked because we all saw it!
It doesnt make you smart or special to say "i told u it was him".
It makes you an idiot.
This site is for Red John theories.
So thats what we did even tho it was highly unlikely anything would happen.

Your just some guy who felt like being a dick.
We all chose roles on this site, the skeptic , the conspiracy theorist, the sad, the angry,
and of course, THE TROLL.
The people who only came to the site so START SHIT.
So now that the show is done, for now, we all go back to our normal lives
And you go back under your bridge. As a troll.

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Well that was weird.

Everything has been weird since the reveal.
The people who work for the show spoiled every twist and turn possible.
The RJ reveal was in the promo.
Bruno Heller doing a thousand interviews that i read on some weird Christian website.
He literally told us what was going to happen and that they pulled Red John from their ass.
Seriously what creator of a show built on mystery spoils his own shit?
Red Johns done, he isn't coming back , Nobody liked the Rj story line, Jane moved on, all chance of RJ return is not happening don't worry, things are going to end happy, here is a promo of our series conclusion a week in advance in case you were wondering if the characters will survive. We wouldn't wanna build SUSPENSE OR ANYTHING!!

Even weirder that they chose to recreate the show only for one short season instead of doing the Red John stuff right.
New characters and new setting, they even added a new member to the team in the finale!!! WHO DOES THAT?
Are they selling themselves to another network?

This season reminded me of Burn Notice and definitely could be on USA.
The "MENTOR alist"? Jane training some young gumshoes?
Or maybe "Red John the college years"...so we can learn about a guy who was as powerful as the president who let it all go away because he wanted to mess with some guy who called a serial killer a monster over a decade ago.
He decided it was the right time to "confront" Jane when his gang got CAUGHT and his EMPIRE WAS CRUMBLING.
He let Jane expose the tattoo clue about his people and ruin his life's work...... All so Jane could hear tiger tiger from a few people and only then he could shoot him after Jane pretended to think Bertam was Red John?!?!?!?!

Confession: There is a part of me who was happy watching the finale.
I knew nothing was going to happen so I just enjoyed it for what it was.
Seeing CBI Ron dance and Cho give fashion advice was enough for me.
Jane being a damn good con man and reading all those people on TV.
Pulling a MCguiver with the bubble gum making it a bomb.
Seeing Abbot talk cracks me up i don't know why.
He is just too damn smooth. 
Even though Patrick Jane is a tragic character and it should of ended differently,
i was still happy to see him happy after all these years of hell.
He was a great character to watch and i will miss his antics.

Been a pleasure sharing theories with all you out there.
We had wayyyy better ideas on here than real life and thats a FACT!
To all the trolls, inside your jacket pocket is a dead mouse.
It smells like dick cheese mixed with rotten fish and it will linger inside your pocket for all eternity.
No matter how many times you wash it the smell will be there. Alive.
Use a fabric softener it doesn't matter, that dead mouse is leaving his mark. mark.


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So this is it the grand finale....
I think Jane being Red John is our last hope at a great ending.

Jane is a master manipulator and has gotten away with murder twice.
I think he even hypnotized Abbot into forgetting about the Ba Usb.
Remember that was what Abbot wanted from Jane and i also i remember Jane always tapping Abbot on the arm just like he does to hypnotize people....

What if all that Haibach stuff was Jane?
The cbi Hitlist and murder of Ardilles and La Roche was NOT done by Haibach.
And if you remember Jane was jeleous Lisbon was with Ardilles and Jane also told Rigsby and Van Pelt to include La Roche bc he owed Jane a favor...

-fast forward to now.
Wiley gets hit and remembers old beer. How can someone smell like old beer by just being in a brewery for a moment?
Jane was drunk that night and alone....

Maybe Bosco whispered to Jane "i know its you".....

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So i know imdb lies a lot but i just saw that Cbi Ron is in the final episode.
Asnwer most likely...he is invited to Jane and Lisbons wedding.

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So Remember when Red John use to paint TOE NAILS?
Then the serial killer who always killed the same stopped altogether.
Even stopped the smiley faces when he killed...

Now lazarus with the taken toe nails?
Gotta be related...

Also anyone think that girl was a diversion for when the killer punched Wiley?
Seemed to perfect to be a coicidence.

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I cannot believe this show is ending without as much as a reference to the past.

Ok forget the All the Rj craziness that makes no sense.
How about the usb and the list Abbott wanted Jane to decode.
It was a major plot line with Jane getting a Job with the fbi and avoid jail if he did this.
They never mentioned it again!
They have never said what happened to visualize after Styles died, god the list goes on.

But my point is this, dont you get the feeling they left room for different outcomes in the show but obviously chose the gay route?
Season 6 especially could of gone any other way. Literally.
All the clues meant nothing other than someone is the boss of this group.
Ok this guy is the boss
Cool so 96 percent of clues didnt mean anything ? Yea they were just there in case we went another route.

If the fanbase didn't fall in love with Rigsby and Van Pelts relationship maybe they could of been killers?

If the actress that played Lorelie wasnt filming some movie during Mentalist season then maybe she could of been used more...
Maybe if whoever played Kristina Freye didnt ask for more money then she could of been involved..get me?

Even Simon Baker agreed this show should end in tragedy..
They forgot who Patrick Jane the character really is...
Baker also has said he wished he could of had the freedom of cable networks to really dig into the character of Red John. Im paraphrasing.

Politics and network tv are to blame.
Fuck cbs

The Mentalist

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