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Ray Haffner
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Does anyone else ever miss The Mentalist while they're watching it? (Just happened to me again with S7 E1.)

It sure is a strange feeling. How can you miss something when it's right there?

And yet, I do.

Come to think of it...I miss the bustle and zing of this WIRJ Board as well. 
And yet, here I am writing on it, so how can i miss it...?
Ever since the Red John episode in Season 6, I often feel discombobulated inside. I wonder if that feeling will soon be deemed as the RJ effect...a new disorder caused by intense disappointment at TV storyline debacles. We'll tell our insurance companies to send Heller the bill. ;-P

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Discussion question for anyone out there-What moment did you realize that the Red John story had been completely mismanaged? For me it came about 3 episodes after the reveal when I realized they were dropping the storyline, but for some it might have come in Season 6 before the reveal (I saw someone mention Fire and Brimstone below)-or even in an earlier season.

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Last year this site was on fire.........now it's a ghost town I'm fuckin speechless Ps: I'm the biggest fan of Batman But fuck that show. I hope it tanks ...........a Batmanless tv show called Gotham is about as entertaining as a Red Johnless tv show called The Mentalist. All they had to do to save the season was At the end Lisbon finds Pike murdered with a smiley face drawn in blood on the wall. That's all they had to do to save and make the season Even bored fat old housewives couldn't have liked that bullshit murder of the week finale My hope turned to anger Fuck this That finale was a fuckin insult THERE'S NO FUCKIN WAY MCALLISTER IS RED JOHN ..............………they picked his name out of a fuckin hat. Go watch the second episode of the first season and tell me they planned the hillbilly sheriff would be this legendary master criminal serial killer Red John McAllister was a RJ accomplice at best..........................................even if they bring back RJ next season it's too late. I don't give a fuck After what I went through with the lady season with all the bullshit

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I swore I would never return here, but damn it guys...The disillusionment has gotten too bad.

Every time Heller writes a new episode, he is laughing at all of you under his breath. He scorns you in his interviews. He visits this site and has his jolly fill of guffaws watching some of you trying to come up with theories that, in fact, make much more sense than what's happening in the show right now. I completely understand how much better the show would become if its plots were actually coherent and Red John were truly still alive, but you are giving this sorry excuse for a man far more credit than he will ever deserve. Heller KNOWS the Jisbon fanbase is more than enough to keep the show running for another season and, more importantly in his mind, the money rolling in. Every hopeful on this site who believes Heller is capable of understanding how Red John should be alive right now -- based on his own fucking clues no less -- is in for another heartache as Heller flutters his heinous fingers across your heartstrings, only to rip them out and leave you to stare at the almighty finger between his ring and index.

As much as I hate to admit it, this show is about Jisbon now, not even "The Mentalist". Hell, Red John has shown more potential as a mentalist than Patrick Jane thus far has, having zombified Katrina, and hypnotized many others to do his bidding, not to mention the countless times he has fooled Jane, the purported mentalist of mentalists. As far as I'm concerned, Red John IS The Mentalist. Now, as you can see, without him this show has devolved into a cheesy romance soap wherein the crime drama component takes a backseat. It has come to a point where there is LITERALLY no "The Mentalist" without Red John. But Heller has said it himself, we're the minority and we don't matter. It's nice to post theories and all but guys, try not to give yourself false hope anymore. Heller is a bloody fucking vampire who feeds on this false hope. If nothing else, it might be better to discuss what the show could have been instead.

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i believe that there are 3 people who know the absolute truth.  They are RJ, PJ, and........Crystal.  Halfway thru "White Lines", jane and the hottie are on their date.  She asks about his ring.  he says it is a long story and they better order drinks.  several minutes later, after an absolutely useless scene between fishcer and lisbon that was only their to show that there was a significant lapse in time, jane finishes telling her his story.  she then understands why he still wears his ring.

Now, if he told her that after several years of searching, he finally got his revenge and with it some long overdue closure, then her reaction would have been something like, "wow, so i guess now that it is all over you should consider taking it off and getting back out there".

instead, her reaction was to be understanding that he still wears it.  that would make sense if he had just told her that he just took down the BA, and another RJ accomplice, but he will continue to wear the ring until the day he knows for sure that RJ is dead.

i know for sure that the first thing i am looking at in S7ep1 is janes left hand.

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I feel a little ridiculous posting a theory about Red John at this point, but in the spirit of a 7th season, technically, it's still possible, and I can't believe I'm gonna say this but...I think
Ray Haffner is Red John

There are SO many reasons why, and we all know the majority of them

Just wanted to add that I find the most compelling clue about Ray is that he is the ONLY character on the show who has a connection, and/or access and information to ALL of the organizations in question:


1.  VISUALIZE supposedly turned Ray's troubled youth around -- or maybe it actually unleashed his love of power and killing.  Ray's early time at Visualize coincides with Elliston Farm murders, thus it would be very easy for him to have been the killer.....where he painted his first smiley face.  Ray's also the right hand guy to Visualize power monger BRET STILES 

2.  Ray is a former FBI BOSS -- would be very easy for him to have "friends" in the FBI.  

3.  Ray specialized in TAKING DOWN ORGANIZED CRIME -- thus it would be very easy for him to know about and have a hatred for THE BLAKE ASSOCIATION wanting the organization to be exposed

3.  Ray became CBI BOSS right after fake RJ Timothy Carter's shooting, attempting to take over the CBI would conveniently give him future control of the Red John case -- until Jane gets the old team back -- but not before Haffner tells Jane that he'll pay for giving Haffner a hard time.

THUS:  RAY HAFFNER'S journey as RJ RED JOHN, in order, from the beginning of RJ to now, has gone like THIS:    VISUALIZE, FBI, BLAKE ASSOCIATION, CBI

And so far, Jane's hunt for Red John has taken him from

CBI, BLAKE ASSOCIATION, FBI and I predict for Season 7…..VISUALIZE 

  Jane is working his way into the inner world of Red John!

SO, IT ALL BEGINS and ENDS with VISUALIZE!!  Visualize is where Ray became Red John, and Visualize is where Jane will catch Red John, AKA RAY HAFFNER, who is alive and well with Stiles hiding out

ALSO: Ray's an expert in wire tapping and "creative" surveillance -- and surveillance has been an ongoing theme on The Mentalist.  Surveillance is how Red John always stays two steps ahead of CBI team and Jane.


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I read that the show starts up again in fall of 2014!!
This could change but still cool.

Like the previous poster said season 7 is an Encore season.
They didnt have to call it that but they did.
Encore most definitely means revisiting the past and going out with a BANG!
If Led Zepplen came out with an encore song at their concert they would play "stairway to heaven"
As the mentalist will play their hit single "red john".

People who think the Rj storyline is over didnt watch season 6 close enough.
Season 6 was full of deception and cons just like every other season.
To take this season at face value would be asinine.

Jane did nothing to take down Rj. He was not secrative and had a lack of emotion compared to other seasons.
*Every clue starting with the Dvd was fed to Jane. Breadcrumbs.
Rj wouldnt give Jane a list with his name on it and sit back and wait like the show wanted us to believe.
It started with Partridge "tiger tiger".
Then Lisbon being spared and marked. Because she was the "marc" in all of this.
Then there was Tinsley which was so important and the check mate among clues. How did jane get this clue?
Red John sloppily let Tinsley alive along enough to give up the infamous tattclue.
Again fed like breadcrumbs.
* If this was any other season Jane would have said this is what Red John wanted us too see!
This was a game and Jane played by Red Johns Rules.

Then Janes house. The fact we have no idea what happened still proves this will be revistited.
Especially in terms of Haffner and Styles.
No way nobody in that room including Jane did not have a plan besides sit and wait.
The gunshot and bomb are the money shot of the con.
How many people have faked their deaths on this show? 563?
Who knows what happened but Styles and Haffner are most likely alive.
Styles even said he would return.
Haffner may be dead but we have no idear.

If you watch the old eps you will conclude that Red John is NOT in the Ba.
His followers were like brainwashed Visualizeites speaming about Red Johns "plan" and that he was on a "mission of love". This is not the Ba by any means.

It is 100 percent PLAUSIBLE that Red John used Jane to take down the Ba.
Its plausible that Red John was against the Ba from the clues we have.
A cult like group of followers on a path of love ARE NOT A GROUP OF CURRUPT COPS!
Rebecca Anderson did not die WITH A SMILE ON HER FACE so that some bigwig lawyer can sit back and chill.
And no its nothing to do witn bad writing.
If a show had great writing for 85 pecent of its existance then its plausible to think it will continue with this trend after the smoke clears.

And taking 3 minutes to post does not mean i dont have a life.

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