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Teresa Lisbon
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I totally understand the frustration of those who had hoped for answers or at least somthing that might indicate they still intend to give any.

While I am not a big fan of the episode as such I get why they wrote it like that.

The RJ fanbase was getting weakener at the latest during season 5, because people where tired of waiting for an answer to the riddle. The majority of them wouldn't have accepted for this arc to be extended into season 7. In an interview from 2009 Heller stated that the conclusion of RJ would be a series ender rather then a season ender.


Baker and Tunny both had contracts for 7 seasons so they had a vested interest to get another season. While the RJ crowd deminished,  JIsbon shippers were a consistent and loyal fanbase. It made sense to use a good portion of the season to further build that base with the hope to get renewed for season 7 and it worked! Blue Bird was the well earned reward for this part of the fanbase. To be honest it was the Jisbon shippers that kept the show on the air.  

With the season finale playing out like it did most will have given up hope for further answers. I am not one of them and here is how I would connect the season finale to the RJ story line.

Janes big romantic gesture, the crying, the confessions of love were a con with the single purpose to keep Lisbon around. 
The reason to keep her around would either be that he is investigating Lisbon as a possible RJ or her being an important piece of leverage against RJ.

The fake letter was his attempt to keep her around by only giving her a romantic gesture and avoid commiting to anything more concrete. Once this attempt failed he had to go all in.

Notice his very composed and manipulative facial expression in that last scene before Lisbon enters the room. Also once she brings up the subject Jane returns to being  as evasive as possible with out risking to make her change her mind. In the very last seconds he avoids repeating what he said on the plane and instead leans in to kiss her.

So in essence there are two major fanbases the RJ camp and the Jisbon camp. He can't give the RJ camp without destroying any possibility for season 7 so he gives the Jisbon people what they crave. 

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Sorry @Brigmorewitches..All I was talking about is the fact that we have 2 choices: complaining for another year or trying to be positive.
If people (ex-fans) choose complaining, fine. I understand. But what's the point?
And if the other half (who are still fans, not ex-fans) are trying to enjoy season 7 episodes, then that's fine too. I'm in this second group.

I personally don't see any sense in the fact that if you hate the show, why would you still come here for another year to whine about Red John? Yes, for a while I understood it, I was doing it too, but not in 6 months or a year, or whenever the new season starts, I think it's just silly. 

If you still like the show, keep watching it and write down your thoughts, If you don't, choose something else..It's common sense, really.

I have to say, I'm really pleasantly surprised in Stoopkid! He wrote some comments about this under some posts and he talked so much sense! Completely agree with you on this Stoopkid!:)

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Looking back, I can tell that Lisbon could make the PERFECT Red John.

about it.She was there since the beginning.She was the leader of Red
John investigation.She is strong, very good with weapons and kind of a
lesbian.(Or at least that's how I see her)

She likes Jane but she
wants to be friends with him, not lover.That's why for 6 seasons until
now she denied all the romance chemistry that was growing.

That also explains why RJ didn't kill Lisbon at the "pigeon house" .

that explains how Lisbon got the list before Jane.She was always trying to watch Jane with the list and what he got.

She had help from Lorelei (also a lesbian :P) to make the tape.

She has father issues (He was a sadistic drunk as far as we know)

She is the leader of BA but of course she is too clever to have the three-dot tattoo.
Plus that explains the high pitched voice RJ has.
She is naive enough for us to understand she is extremely clever.
She always tries to stand against Jane and his tricks, kinda like challenging him.
Remember the episode where Jane went to visit Sophie Miller.When she called him she said "You are at her house right?"
She came up with the trick at Jane's house when the suspects were gathered.She hypnotized McAllister into thinking he is RJ.

She always comes and rescues Jane at the exact moment.Random?I don't think so.

Jane thinks he knows Lisbon well and can tell when she lies.But is that really true?
Besides we never got to see Lisbon's daily routine!And every time this subject comes at the surface she always avoids to answer.

She could easily be a member of Visualize at the past.She has a mysterious relationship with Bret Styles.

I don't accuse Lisbon for being Red John but I would like it if it turned to be that way.(Not a chance! :D)

Thanks for reading!

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Hello. my theory is about the"he is mar-man clue, when they showed us that clue they first show us it's reflection on the "mirror" my be the mirror is a clue that we should read the "he is mar-man backwards (from right to left) because on the mirror it's like that  (ram si eh) i don't know what it means but it could be numbers or it could be rearranging letters for a name or a sentence, and it could also be a different language

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everybody! So i watched Mentalist from S1E1 until S6E21. Now before the final
episode in which i still hope for the reveal of the REAL Red John, i want to
share my theory with you.

My suspect
for Red John is Teresa Lisbon. Some of you may hate me for that, but i still
think it’s possible. There are so many clues that lead to Lisbon. Some of my
arguments have already been stated in earlier Theories on Lisbon, but i sum up
everything that is a clue for me.

First, you
can build “Red Jon”, if you use the letters from her name. Just use the L from “Lisbon”,
mirror it and you get “J”, do the same with the “b” and use it as “d”. If you
try with the other main characters’ names, you cannot do this trick. Maybe on
purpose? Also, Lisbon wears something red so often that it can’t be unseen. I
mean come on, McAllister who is supposed to be Red John, does not wear anything
red. In a show, where colour symbolism means something(look at Jane, he always
wears something blue, he ist the good guy) RJ should wear something red. And
there are very few people who wear something red in this show and no one does
it as often as Lisbon. Of course this could only be another one of Hellers
misleads. But there is more. Most of the time, when red john is mentioned, you
see Lisbons reaction and she just looks away in another direction than where
the one mentioning RJ stands. She is also likely the person who mentions RJ the
most(perhabs even more than Jane). Also in some episodes she suddenly
disappears and no one knows where she went. What was she doing all that time?
Murdering people?

Now lets
see some clues troughout the Red John episodes. In S1E23, when the guy who
works for RJ is arrested, he tries to shoot Lisbon. Why would he do that? Maybe
because he got arrested and RJ got away and he wanted revenge, so he tried to
shoot Lisbon, the real red john. In S2E23 when Jane is in the buidling with
these kids who fake red john, only Lisbon knows his location and then RJ
appears, wearing boots that look similar if not exactly the same as Lisbons
boots/shoes. RJ’s voice is maybe not a high pitched male voice, but a low
female voice. Lisbon could imitate that. In S3E24 O’laughlin fails at shooting
Lisbon from perhabs 2 metres, he only hits her shoulder. Shouldnt he be able to
aim better? Or did he do it on purpose, because he knew that this was the real
red john? In the end of season 4, RJ asks for Lisbons head as a gift. Lisbon
knows for sure that Jane would never kill her and take her head just to
possibly meet RJ. In the end it was Waynewright who sat in the limousine. He
argued with Lisbon about something before that and maybe she wanted to get rid
of him and therefore placed him in the limousine. Also, when Jane and Lisbon
sit in the Church at the beginning of the episode, he says “I told you i can
fool him” and she answers “you fooled me alright, well done”.

When Jane
works on his list for RJ suspects, she asks him if she is on that list too.
This is clearly an attempt to find out how much he already knows about her true
identity. In S5E21 the guy without tongue first says something like “i cant
talk” or “my tongue” but when he speaks again it clearly sounds like “red john”.
He looks at her and then Lisbon just has this diabolic smile. When Jane tells
her that he can identify RJ with the tattoo, she doesnt seem very happy, as if
she knew that he gets closer to revealing her true identity. She also tells
Jane that she has secrets he cant even imagine. She referrs to her alter ego
RJ. When Lorelei tells Jane that he hasnt become best friends with RJ since the
shook hands, maybe she means it ironically and in fact they are best friends.
And who is Janes best friend? Right, Lisbon. When Reese tells them everything
about the Blake Association, he says something and Lisbon suddenly answers “Tyger,
tyger” as if she was a member too. Then this whole Carmen Lee thing in the
hospital clearly has a meaning too. She could have burned that guy in the CBI
building too, she talked to him short time before he was burnt. In the episode,
where Jane has amnesia and only remembers after seeing the RJ smiley in his
house, Lisbon says “I’m sorry”, maybe she meant that she’s sorry for murdering
his family. You also never see something from Lisbons private life. Cho,
Rigsby, Van Pelt, also Jane, you see something from their private lives, but
never from Lisbon, except that one time with Mashburne. So what is she doing
the whole time when she’s not working? Killing people? In the first three
seasons, every time something new from RJ is discovered by Jane, he instantly yells
“Lisbon”. Maybe this was some sort of clue Heller left us, as if by yelling
Lisbon Jane would link her to RJ. In S5E22 when she and Jane investigate
another victim of RJ, Jane leaves the room and Lisbon stays one moment longer
to look at her great work again. Then she leaves and a strange sound is played.
I dont think that is just a coincidence. In S6E1 she uses McAllister, the fake
RJ to paint the smiley on her face. Which better way to say “here i am, the
real red john and my smiley is right on my face”

Then Lisbon
is always spared by RJ, but why exactly? He could’ve done Jane so much harm, if
he just killed Lisbon, but he couldnt because RJ is Lisbon. Lisbons actress has
the name Robin Jessica Tunney. That would be RJ Tunney. Also if you link her
real life name to robin the red bird and the last episode is called “Blue Birds”
so maybe something happens to her in that last episode. It could be that she
reveals to Jane that she is RJ and he kills her, which turns her into a blue
bird(blue as in the meaning of cold, because she is dead). She also mentions
McAllisters fear of heights too often. Clearly she tries to convince Jane that
McAllister is RJ. McAllister and Timothy Carter were only front men for Lisbon
and with them showing themselves to Jane she hoped that either they would kill
him or if he killed them he would go to jail so she would get rid of him. Bosco
also whispers something to Jane before he dies, that Lisbon shall not hear.
Maybe he told Jane an important clue. Also when Lisbon starts mentioning
pigeons and then in the park she looks at the pigeons and in the end McAllister
is defeated with the help of a pigeon this can’t be a coincidence. It is a
hidden clue to the real RJ, named Lisbon.

And now
some facts why McAllister was NOT RJ. At first why should a mastermind like RJ
finally show himself to Jane for no reason whatsoever? Also RJ would not fear
death and if he would be tired of his game he plays with Jane and would finally
reveal himself he would have no problem with dying. Then when McAllister runs
away and he says that he is sorry for murdering Janes wife and daughter this
also is unlikely. I don’t think that RJ realy regrets what he is doing nor that
he would ever run away. Also McAllister does not say that he is in fact RJ. He
only says that he is not RJ, when Jane gathers all suspects. But when Jane says
“you are RJ” in the church, all that comes from McAllister was some sort of
moan, but not a word that this is true. He only said “I am the Blake
Association”. Also Jane said to McAllister “you’re the one that made the truth
look like the opposite must be true”. He said it while thinking that the man
before him is Red John. If this sentence is true for the real Red John, then this
would also explain one weak point of my theory. I dont consider it a weak
point, but others could. Throughout the series it is always told that RJ is male.
But if you use this sentence, then RJ suddenly becomes female. Make the truth(female)
look like the opposite(male) must be true. Then in the last episode she could convince Abbott that everything Jane lied about was actually true. In the end she is a good liar and that supports her being RJ too. She is in fact so good at lying that she plays her roll as a cop perfect, while at the same time she is RJ, a serial killer. Or she just has two personalities, but that would be boring.

So now i am
at the end with my facts. If you read through the whole thing, thank you and i
hope you like my theory. If the finale of season 6 doesnt answer anything on RJ
and doesn’t prove me wrong, i will assume that Teresa Lisbon is the real Red
John. Don’t get me wrong, Lisbon is my favorite character of the show, right
after Patrick Jane. But it would be even better if she was the mastermind
behind Red John.

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