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Teresa Lisbon
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This is my theory I've seen the show from the beginning all the episodes and have seen many tracks that have been introduced throughout the season and I want to share with you and see if you are agree let's start. 

1.The painful history of teresa lisbon, his dead mother and alcoholic father beat them to nearly kill them, this is my first point in many cases of murders  it has been found that they received physical or sexual abuse by their parents.

2.At the end of the first season Patrick creates a plan to trick Red john friend ,the cop who kidnapped a girl the plan was to fake a fight with lisbon and leave patrick alone with the police, patrick would become a bait to red john teresa would only have to wait until he shows but she interrupted patrick plan and in that moment patrick bother with teresa because she ruined the whole plan and she says that red john was gone.

3.In the end of season 2 patrick calls teresa before entering to the empty building just her knew his location and red john appears on the building a few hours later.

4.In the end of season 3 It is ridiculous how in the hell Craig O'Laughlin member of fbi a trained hitman fail the shot so close to lisbon so so close i mean c´mon man really ?

5.In the end of season 4 Patrick had completely deceived red john even sent lorelai as a gift to him ,and invite Patrick to join him the whole plan was perfect the false depression and problems patrick made red john appears but the whole plan but the whole plan falls apart when he tells teresa she seems very upset on the church after that red john ask for the head of teresa of course because he knew that patrick never do such thing to her to the REAL RED JOHN and of course red john never appears .

6.On the season 5 the whole chapter red and itchy is about the mother of JJ Laroche and how she was raped and he committed suicide how terrible it must've been to make that to herself maybe the style of red john attacks the alleged perpetrator is in prison serving a sentence for nine years but the only thing that involving him in the crime was a little drops of blood on his clothes as if someone had planted that evidence ,when Teresa asks for the residence address to van pelt it shows on her face as if she remembering something van pelt tells lisbon that the rapist lives with his mother . how a rapist who raped a mother of someone would dare to see his mother's eyes makes no sense because he wasnt the rapist was red john aka TERESA LISBON .maybe she didn't kill her because scott the man whitout tongue the same tongue on the box of JJ Laroche saw everything i don't know,my point here is when he saw teresa he is very scared and he tries to say she is red john babbling and this is the moment when the show reveals who is RED JOHN the real RED JOHN she turns to see scott and you can see the evil in her eyes and in that moment the theme song of red john appears then the camera looks to the very scared face of Scott and returns to the face of Teresa and and she has a wicked smile on his face like a smile of a crazy person and the chapter ends.

7.Then on the season finale she appears with a injured arm and the same time red john kills another women coincidence i dont think so i don't believe that she kills that woman and she wanted to keep the baby because she has a very lonely life and could not adopt a baby because no association would allow that because her job and because she is single , on the same chapter you can see how she looks the body of the women like if she admired her work and when she exits the room she looks again the smiley face and we can hear a sound like a knife or a sword unsheathed,
Another scene on the same chapter Patrick tells Lisbon that the list is now of seven names but he dont wanna tell her the names because she is bad lying and patrick mocks her and she looks angry and she tell him she can keep secrets ant that right there is another moment Patrick sees teresa and on his face he looks so angry and disappointed like he knew who she was.
The real reason why red john is always ahead of patrick is because he tells everything  to Teresa aka Red John . Answer to the Shawn Barlow question.
On the road Teresa tells patrick "I have secrets froms you secrets you cannot imagine"  right now you imagine what those secrets are dont you ? 
The last scene of the episode when Patrick gives Teresa   the seven names he look at her just to see her reactions to some man of the list but look her face when she looks Bob Kirkland she looks so angry because Bob Kirkland is hunting her for killing his brother . and Patrick never stop to look at her when lorelai says in retunr he wont make me suffer so much you can see how patrick looks right on teresa eyes and he is very angry 
note:when patrick knew Mccallister he never took his hand but on the chapter when patrick had his first case with the CBI  Patrick  shakes hands with Teresa 

8.Season 6 has some important clues such as the smiley face on the face of Teresa as she was saying here I am the face behinf the smiley faces of blood .
I think the name of Carmen lee is very important maybe is the real name of Teresa Lisbon .
The bomb how she knew that Patrick would be in danger with the 7 suspects at least she knew about the bomb .
And the happy memory of teresa the cake on the rain and her mother feeding pigeons , How Patrick defeat Mccallistr with a pigeon a hidden message 

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Red john`s name may be dead.not him.
If this is a game red john could be seen as a different character.
If red john is alive.i do not think jane would kill him again.maybe red john will commit suicide or lisbon will kill.
Maybe jane has created his own imaginary world.

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While I have been disappointed with the show post-Red John, its not because McAllister was Red John. If we had gotten more answers I would be fine with it. I'm also a fan of strong villains but the show was clear they weren't going that direction. 

As to the last episode being called "Red..." something, I think more likely the hidden title is "White." As in "White Wedding" between Jane and Lisbon. If by some chance the show does get renewed (someone can correct me if it has been officially cancelled), they have a lot of paths to follow after that.  

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"Mr/Mrs. ................... I apologize for that,.. Jane!?" - the sentence that used to accompany every single episode...
G00d old times <3

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they are the strongest people in the universe, they don't even need to see a shrink !
what's wrong with them ?
Haffner dies, they'll cry an other day
Ardiles dies, they don't cry, they prefer to get a warrant to search in a gloomy warehouse at night, I can't even see the point of that.
La Roche dies, whatever happens to his dog, we didn't learn what they could have find in that warehouse, like goldfish they forgot why they came there in a first place.

A hooded hooked nose white man with clean neck skin and a left handed triggered shotgun almost killed a baby and her left handed pistol mother and All they say is : "Good to see you guys" and guess what, a black man is beyond the twelve suspects ! are you freaking kidding me ?

Even if it happened really fast(and was obviously a stuntman not the real suspect), why they didn't try hypnosis or a remembrance technique to get more informations. You can pause at 02:04 to get a good snapshot at him.

How will they act in the next episode ?
How the suspect knew about the new location of the team ? bugged phone again really ?
Does the suspect really want revenge from everyone, or does he really know which one he has to kill ?
Haibach has a wrinkled neck.
And what the hell with John Hutten ?  It said at the end that he was just usually secretly cheating on her wife, why did he let the "screw you sticky note" !

It's like they just throw some candy to keep us on waiting.

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Lisbon, She's the one ! No just kidding

Seriously what's up with these people ?
To whom died and were supposed to be their friend ...
Why Lisbon and the team aren't showing any kind of mourning.
Or even showing some interest about what's going on.
They are all psychopaths.
First, Ray Haffner, then Ardilles, now Laroche.

We can't come up with any real theory now, this is just nonsense.

Why do we still hope for a future explanation xD

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