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Thomas McAllister

Thomas McAllister
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This is a "in defense of McAllister as RJ" post. I must admit I was as
disappointed as any of you when I first saw 6x8. I was literally yelling
at my computer and cursing BH. But I want to make the point that, just
because BH and the showrunners suck at explaining everything, doesn't mean that McAllister is any less suitable an RJ than the other candidates, given the available information.

There is a lot of grief over all
the little clues not being explained satisfactorily. But remember,
McAllister OFFERED to explain to Jane how he knew about the list, and
Jane didn't care. Why? Jane didn't care about the cleverness and the
tricks - it was purely emotional for him. So if you treat this as an
intellectual exercise to match up all the clues, you're missing the
point and are bound to be disappointed.

People are also upset
that McAllister is a common guy. All I'm saying is, he SEEMS like a
common guy but you have no idea who he really is or what he can do. That
is precisely why McAllister thinks he's so great - he holds so much
power but everyone thinks he's a random sheriff and is none the wiser.

- Who was in the suit sipping tea and using the computers?
couldn't it have been McAllister? You think Stiles knew how to use
computers? The whole point is that you don't know anything about
McAllister besides the fact that his day job is being a sheriff. And
about the suit - if they had put McAllister in a suit in the RJ reveal,
this wouldn't be an issue. So it says nothing about McAllister as a
character being unsuitable as RJ.

- Who was capable of brainwashing/mind controlling people?
was semi-explained at the beginning of season 6. The way the Blake
Association operates is, no one knows who's in charge. When a member
cop/judge/politician etc. needs something done, they presumably pass
along the word and it gets executed by another member, without question.
So it seems like "brain washing" but it's really just unquestioned
obedience, like any other crime organization. A lot of the "impossible"
things RJ did become a lot more plausible if you have a whole state-wide
organization to carry out hits for you.

- He is MAR?
No idea, could be McAllisteR. Could be McAllister Redjohn. But again, people are just
mad because this clue wasn't explained. It doesn't make McAllister a
bad candidate for RJ.

- How does Stiles know about him?
sure there are BA members in Visualize (given how messed up the BA
members and Visualize members are), and they have to confess everything.
Based on previous clues, we also know RJ was a farmhand on a Visualize
farm at some point. By the way, this doesn't necessarily mean Stiles
knows who RJ is. He would just know about how the BA operates.

- Why no Visualize backstory?
Again, this is a choice by the showrunners. IT DOESN'T MAKE MCALLISTER A BAD RJ. IT JUST MEANS THE SHOWRUNNERS SUCK.

- Why would he spare Lisbon?
It's a game and RJ thought he was in control. Killing Lisbon might send Jane into a fit of rage, which would make him unpredictable.

- Kira Tinsley
RJ may not have killed Kira Tinsley - as you all have
pointed out, no smiley face, just strangulation, and the shadowy figure had hair. All you know about
Kira's killer is he was BA by the 3 dots. No one said he was RJ, they
just assumed, but maybe the whole purpose of Kira Tinsley was to give
them the 3 dot clue and bring them one step closer.

- How did RJ "kill" Kristina Frye?
hypnotized her into believing she was dead. Maybe RJ did it, maybe
someone else in BA. We don't know. You are all assuming RJ is this
ubermensch with many talents, when it could just be different people in
the BA assigned to carry out different pieces of dirty work. Yes, the
entire BA thing is an unsatisfying cop-out, but again, it does not make McAllister an unsuitable RJ.

- Why did RJ chant Tiger Tiger if he was running it?
Again, it's a game. McAllister said in the chapel - it's a game, you played it well, you were fun and challenging. Of course he would drop some clues here and there, knowing that Jane would never find him.

- How did the sheriff run around killing people?
Again, BA does the dirty work of other BA members.

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i would give my left ball if everything that happened after the explosion was just a dream.

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Theory #18536 • By Frank
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Something is off about Agent Michelle Vega. Could she be Red John's daughter? - Is she the missing link that ties up all the loose ends in the series?  

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You see, here's a good analogy. I'm sure many of us here have an image or feel like they know to a certain extant about the personality of others on this website. If any of us were to ever run into another one of us, we may very well be surprised at how different we are. Using this same analogy, plug into a scenario of a much bigger and grander circumstance. Red John commits his crimes when it's just him and his victim. And most of the time, he is fully prepared and has the upper hand while his victim is at his or her most vulnerable situation. Red John was never in a situation where there was any threat to his life. That thought never crossed his head. Now that there was, it's very possible that he would beg for his life since he was facing certain death. 

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Maybe one could argue that in the end most serial killers are caught and not while they have the upper hand. Maybe Helper thought of season 6 of the mistakes and the demise of Red John. He was exceedingly clever and was in the upper hand right until he let his guard down to Jane. Maybe he was so certain and proud of himself and he wanted to the game to end so he thought it's time to end Jane. Bertram was already pronounced as Red John by Jane himself, as he said it would be a fitting end to the story if they were both found dead, together. I don't know. It's so conflicting. It seems like Heller thought of the BA, and bird acrophobia many years since the s how's commencement. One can clearly see a difference of opinion, a lack of continuity, and a sudden change of direction and ideas when it comes to gradual evolution of the Red John arc.

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Do you know the 10-episode show "The booth at the end"? The main character is Red John, quite thrilling and entertaining

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something significant?

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