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Vint Molinari

Vint Molinari
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Is this season only 10 episodes long?  is this the last season?

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Warning: Spoilers Below

Patrick Jane is walking in tall grass. There appears to be a wild pokemon in the pear tree. The pear tree is shaking. *Presses A*. Brett Partridge attacks!

*Music Plays* *Morgan Freeman is the special commentator*

"A wild Brett Partridge appears."
"What will Patrick Jane do?"

"Patrick Jane uses Mean Look. Brett Partridge cannot escape!"

"Brett Partridge uses a pokeball. *Pokeball wriggles* Jane breaks free. Shoot, it wasn't even close."
"Patrick Jane uses Odor Sleuth. Red John is identified."

"Red John uses Fury Swipes. The attack misses."
"Patrick Jane uses Future Sight. It will attack in 3 turns."

"Red John uses Screech. Patrick's attack falls sharply!"
"Red John uses Hyper Voice. Patrick's attack falls sharply!"

"Patrick Jane uses Revenge."
"Patrick Jane uses Mud Slap. It's super effective."

"Red John uses Attract. It fails."
"Patrick Jane's Future Sight lands."

*Ambulance sound- Red John has red health*
"Patrick Jane uses Bullet Seed. The attack misses."

"Red John uses Last Resort."

*Ambulance sound- Patrick Jane has red health*
"Patrick Jane uses Tackle."

"Red John has fainted!"

Patrick Jane gains 9,001 experience points!

Patrick levels up!

P.S... Who's head is that up there???

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Article in Irish Times UK from Lisbon.

Sounds like RJ could be a main character or at least someone very unexpected


The unveiling of the serial killer - the nemesis of mentalist Patrick Jane (played by Simon Baker) - is set to be revealed in the upcoming sixth season of the US show.


"I was surprised, and had I been Red John, I would have been equally surprised," she said.Robin, who plays Senior Special Agent Teresa Lisbon on the show, admitted she was kept in the dark until the episode.

"I did not know at the beginning of the season. We're a bit ahead of you as far as filming goes, and yes, the audience will find out who Red John is," she continued, adding: "It's been exhausting. That's all I'll say."The 41-year-old laughed off rumours that her character is the cold-blooded murderer."Some days when you're bored and you want to feel badly about the show, you read things about yourself on the internet. It never ends well, like a Shakespearean lesson," she said.

"I was reading on one of the sites that 'Maybe Lisbon is Red John', and someone else said: 'Don't be ridiculous. There's no way that Lisbon is Red John'. And I'm like: 'Wait a minute!' I took umbrage at the idea that it was a sexist thing - a woman can be a serial killer."With the big reveal happening, Robin admitted she has signed up for one more series, saying: "We don't know; there's been a really interesting evolution. Simon and I are both signed up for seven years so we have one more year on our contracts."The sixth series of The Mentalist starts on Channel 5 on October 29

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His name just sounds as if he were in a sort of Mafia. So he must be RJ.

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