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Thomas McALLISTER Crowley

Blows my mind how real to life this show really was.

The Blake Association is real

Men in positions of power who think of themselves as above God = True Satanism 
"Do what thou wilt"

Gaining power and influence though blackmail

Using trauma based mind control techniques on their female sex slaves (Lorelie)

Lure a lie-
using your sex slave as a Vegas mistress to blackmail and control people...

Remember how Red John was part of scientology (visualize) at one point?

But he broke away and created his own cult ?

Just like the people in the NXIVM sex-cult in real life ...

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This is the first time i ever put Macalister as Red john
on this site..

I dissed Heller for how the show turned out
but i was so wrong.

First off, secret groups whithin law enforcement
and politics are as real as day!

The whole image of "serial killers" in our society is a lie..

Monsters like Jeffrey Darmer or the Zodiac Killer are not serial killers.

They were the low life handlers that delivered victims to their bosses..

Satanist and Pedophillia cults are rampant in law enforcement and elite circles.

Red John was never a serial killer

He didnt have an M.o.

And we know this bc he killed more people on the Mentalist in
different ways than he killed by his apparent m.o.

She lured girls in vegas to join red john.
A pimp or "madame" you can say..
Red john controlled her not because he's magic..
Its trauma based mind control not some trick..
Rj manipulated Lorelie by exploiting her past traumas..

Ok how did Red John guess Janes list..

It was a trick like Jane said

How hard would it of been to fake Lorelie's death?
Rj owned the police!
And if you watch the scene where Jane finds her body..
1)she has less injuries than she did in the video
2) she showed no wounds and only had a white sheet covered in blood draped over her
3) the crime scene was shady in itself and police presence was minimal.

So rj kept lorelie alive and used her
He knew Jane was getting close so killing Lorelie right away would be stupid for him..

The Ba are aleister crowley "do what thou will" type of dudes..
Above God
Which is parellelled with Visualize Stiles type of thinking..

Only Rj left Visualize after the barn in 88'

He started selling meth like that episode implies..

And remember when Macalister , Bertram, and Reed Smith are all having a meeting together?
It was a meeting about "getting meth off the streets in Nappa Country"


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I think it’s the forensic guy. He’s small. The person who shot the film makers was small (a woman or a small man). The two people who worked with Red John and later killed where in law enforcement (the deputy sheriff and the secretary). Remember when the secretary was killed Red John cut her with a poison. Someone no one would notice. Red John walk right past the guards and got to the secretary. Someone who could get strange poisons. Someone who knew how to shoot a gun.

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I think it had to be the waiter, the voices are similar but so was the detective-after watching it twice already! Can you imagine if it were someone on the cbi squad though? I hope this wasnt one of the many tv series that were cancelled this year!

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‘Roll Tide,’ the phrase that Kristina used when talking to the waiter in the first of the episode, was the last thing Red John said to Jane. Notice Red John also used present tense when speaking about Kristina. “She’s so fond of you” or something to that effect. RJ’s voice sounded female initially. Plus, when you go back to her previous appearance on the show, she knew entirely too much about Jane’s wife and daugther’s murders.

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