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So, I don't think Van Pelt is Red John but I definitely think she is close to him or is an accomplice. Look at these quotes from various episodes

"The Red Barn": Regarding Visulaize..Grace: What's wrong with wanting to be the most powerful version of you you can be?

"The Crimson Ticket": Teresa: Women can strangle people.

Grace: Believe me I know I could.

"Ring Around The Rosie: To Linda Tibbs "Grace: If you quit now, you're going to miss the best part. Payback.

So she has always had family issues. During the time that Red John started she would be probably 4-6 or somewhere in there. Who's to say that she wasn't having a rough go of it when she was a kid. She needed people to be her "family" and eventually takes her battered and broken self to a Visualize type group and became a member. I know she sits all day because the actress playing her is/was pregnant. But she is one of the only ones who basically watches the incoming/outgoing workings of the group. She could easily put a head up to RJ or anyone connected. It might explain how he is always one step ahead. I just find her recent reactions strange. She is more of a fringe character these days and has a very "bad" girl side to her.

Side Note: This part is out there so don't judge it along with the above paragraph but we don't know where the smiley face on the barn came from. Our assumption is that Red John got his start doing that after he killed those 2 Visualize members. What if it was just some kids who wanted to paint the barn and RJ then copied it as his symbol. What if it was just a Visialize symbol in the early days? Who knows who would have come up with it.

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If RJ is on "THE LIST," I'd go with PARTRIDGE [presumed dead but not] [which I think is a lame choice] or KIRKLAND [because of newfound TWIN revelation] [being a better choice] -- mostly because both of these men match descriptions the best.  And then there the whole BRET STILES IS RJ'S FATHER possibility -- or that STILES is involved somehow.

HOWEVER: outside of THE LIST, my favorite suspect was Ellis Mars.  Until today, when another suspect caught my eye [though also "psychic" like Mars] after I read a post about RJ using hypnosis to make 7 suspects all act like RJ.  I realized several things!


         WHO is ONLY person to make JANE break HIS OWN RULE :   KRISTINA FRYE.  
She beat Jane at his own "fake psychic" game.  UPON FIRST MEETING -- JANE DID NOT LIKE HER, but....

What's the perfect way to scam a scammer?  INJURE THEM -- and then COMFORT THEM.  Kristina reassured Jane when she claimed his wife told her that his daughter never woke up to feel pain or know what RJ did, gaining his sympathy, making him CRY -- eliciting emotions and manipulating him because Jane WANTED to believe it [the alternative too horrifying to imagine].  And Jane should really know better because...

           JANE FELL FOR HIS OWN GAG -- [the very tricks he used on others NOW being USED ON HIM [PURE BEAUTIFUL IRONY] BECAUSE --- he's as emotionally vulnerable as anyone he ever counseled or preyed on in the past -- and while his "fake psychic wing has been clipped," so to speak -- Frye is still strong, flying high as a con artist -- and she succeeds in creating a "transference" -- whereby Jane will associate feeling closer to his wife and daughter through her  [even though she's likely the one who HAD them killed]  [BRILLIANT].  

KRISTINA [means a Saint who was tormented by her Pagan Father] FRYE [child or offspring]:  clearly, Kristina Frye is likely the illegitimate child of a very powerful man, like say Bret Stiles, perhaps?

Now, getting back to Jane's perception of KF, and subsequently ours, too -- we're made to believe perhaps she really IS a psychic -- or at least a healing, kind woman -- and maybe even a suitable romantic match for Patrick!!  They were like dating, right?!  And Kristina tries to talk to RJ, fearless in her good deed [BALONEY].  But then, oh, no -- RJ kidnapps FRYE and puts her in "catatonic" state --- and she's reduced to a helpless victim [MORE baloney].  When Jane did a seance/hypnosis to test FRYE -- and got nothing --- thereby rendering her performance as "genuine" --- it's worth noting that Frye is the ONLY character in the ENTIRE MENTALIST history that 1) successfully manipulated Jane and that 2) JANE COULD NOT READ.    Because...
Jane was sure that Kristina Frye was the killer of a wealthy woman run down by a car --- as deceased woman left Frye all of her money and had been paying her thousands every week for "psychic" readings.  BUT despite Jane's best efforts -- HIS MENTALIST TRICKS DIDN'T WORK ON FRYE.  He could't get her to crack or show anything.  At the end  -- the woman's daughter admits to driving the car that ran her mother down -- a little TOO easily, if you ask me.  The girl breaks down and the case is solved.  BUT I THINK KRISTINA HYPNOTIZED DAUGHTER to do the dirty work, to give herself away.

Also -- I wrote about SEASON ONE CLUES to RJ's IDENTITY in #8676 yesterday, and then I read a post where someone suggested that RJ has been using the seven suspects on the "List" to make them all ACT LIKE RJ at one time or another through hypnosis.  So, GETTING BACK TO THEORY THAT RJ IS MANY PEOPLE -- but not because they are willing in it [like they are inTiger Tiger] -- but because they are being hypnotized and USED when RJ needs them.
TWO THINGS I KNEW FOR SURE:  1) HYPNOSIS WAS BEING USED and 2) RJ connection to REDHEADED WOMAN but I OVERLOOKED relating this to the 7 suspects as I'd gone off thinking RJ was on the list -- until I realized that  A repeating PLOT THEME from SEASON ONE is the missing puzzle piece:  A WOMAN USING MANY MEN to kill for her. 

Episode 3:  TEENAGE GIRL kills to protect a group of teenage boys.  THEN, boys kill for HER. 
Episode 8: a WOMAN HYPNOTIZES men to kill for her, [including her sister].  She also puts Rigsby under her spell.
Episode 21: A CON WOMAN, who CHANGES IDENTITIES to con men out of money.  BUT a smart mentalist woman like Kristina Frye -- could just use OTHERS to BE HER IDENTITY, changing people as needed.  What a brilliant disguise.

WHAT if the man Lorelei knows is separate from the man Rosalind Harker knows?  If these two women genuinely know these men -- but the men are separate -- it truly makes it much harder -- especially if these men are used only for a short time as pawns in a scene that RJ is trying to create for PJ -- going back to their usual normal everyday identities when she no longer needs them -- them never knowing what they just did having been under hypnosis.  A game carefully orchestrated.  

So, just because Jane accepts that Frye is a RJ victim doesn't mean we have to -- and who knows what he's really thinking -- perhaps he knows he'd have to wait a long time to really catch her.  That the trap he'd have to set for her would be to "play" along for a while.

SEASON ONE CLUES and Kristina Frye:  She's a...

FOOTBALL -- "ROLL TIDE" might be a "key word" in hypnosis 

However, there is still much to be revealed.  I have a feeling I'm at least hitting on some truths but likely there will be twists none of see coming.  At least, I hope so.  I don't think, as much as anyone enjoys theorizing, that we want to 100% completely figure it out.  I hope to be surprised with things I didn't think of, but it's fun to guess in the meantime.  CHEERS!

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I think it’s the forensic guy. He’s small. The person who shot the film makers was small (a woman or a small man). The two people who worked with Red John and later killed where in law enforcement (the deputy sheriff and the secretary). Remember when the secretary was killed Red John cut her with a poison. Someone no one would notice. Red John walk right past the guards and got to the secretary. Someone who could get strange poisons. Someone who knew how to shoot a gun.

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I think it had to be the waiter, the voices are similar but so was the detective-after watching it twice already! Can you imagine if it were someone on the cbi squad though? I hope this wasnt one of the many tv series that were cancelled this year!

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‘Roll Tide,’ the phrase that Kristina used when talking to the waiter in the first of the episode, was the last thing Red John said to Jane. Notice Red John also used present tense when speaking about Kristina. “She’s so fond of you” or something to that effect. RJ’s voice sounded female initially. Plus, when you go back to her previous appearance on the show, she knew entirely too much about Jane’s wife and daugther’s murders.

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