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I posted the following on the Mentalist FB page as an adieu to the show we all love. Let them know how frustrated we are:

Dear mister Heller,

There are so many ways you could have chosen to finish out the show, instead of the regrettable path you chose. Let's consider a few of your options:

#1. Have the remainder of season 6 and season 7 focus on Jane decoding coded list on the USB and hunting down the remaining BA members. As he caught each one, you could have them reveal (in a flashback) a small piece of the work they did for Red John, thus tying up the loose ends and clues you dropped throughout the series.

#2. The "psychic" Gabriel said Jane will only receive closure through the number "3". Jane has killed 2 Red Johns so far. What if you made the 3rd one the real Red John? RJ could either kill Lisbon on their wedding night (allusion to Frankenstein - we all know how you love your references), and Jane could kill him in the finale. Or you could just end the series with a red smiley face and leave us to imagine how Jane would pursue him. Or you could continue the story on another network in the rumored season 8 (more money for you!)

#3. Have Jane and Lisbon get their happy ever after. Then as we fade to black, it cuts to a scene of Red John keeping Jane in a comatose state in a small room (like Kristina Frye). Everything after the bomb in Jane's house was a fiction that Red John implanted in Jane's mind to give him peace. Have you seen Repo Man? Like that.

#4. Have Jane realize that he was Red John all along - that he's had a split personality disorder. He woke up in the field with no memory of how he got there, and we find Gabriel dead? Maybe Jane did it.

This is not my day job; I find it difficult to believe that a highly paid team of writers couldn't come up with something like this.

For future reference, it might be a good idea to listen to your actors. Simon Baker knows Patrick Jane is a tragic character - the man has been playing him for how many years now? You could also have handed the reins over to Baker before the fiasco of seasons 6 and 7.

#2, #3, or #4 are still possible. Of course, we all know they'll never materialize - you have to cater to the contigent of insipid "OMG JANE AND LISBON WEDDING" fans, of which there seem to be an abundance on this page.

It's just a crying shame the way a once-brilliant show has been mangled.

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So this is it the grand finale....
I think Jane being Red John is our last hope at a great ending.

Jane is a master manipulator and has gotten away with murder twice.
I think he even hypnotized Abbot into forgetting about the Ba Usb.
Remember that was what Abbot wanted from Jane and i also i remember Jane always tapping Abbot on the arm just like he does to hypnotize people....

What if all that Haibach stuff was Jane?
The cbi Hitlist and murder of Ardilles and La Roche was NOT done by Haibach.
And if you remember Jane was jeleous Lisbon was with Ardilles and Jane also told Rigsby and Van Pelt to include La Roche bc he owed Jane a favor...

-fast forward to now.
Wiley gets hit and remembers old beer. How can someone smell like old beer by just being in a brewery for a moment?
Jane was drunk that night and alone....

Maybe Bosco whispered to Jane "i know its you".....

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I have been saying since the episode blinking red light that when jane was on tv with another (mentalist) and jane looked at red light something changed within him. He mentions to other mentalist that since he called out red john that rj will kill again. What happens.... Other mentalist dies. Now weeks later myself and others posted on here that pj is rj. Bruno heller than came out with an interview saying that patrick jane is not red john
Heller: I would say that definitively: Jane is not Red John.
Me thinking: Red John is Jane.
There never was a Jane. It has been Red John the whole time.
After a people commented about on boards about rj is pj I think heller got mad and changed the show.
Now fast forward to the finale.
Jane is now in a studio again.
Again he see the red light and this time says to the host something like give me a second or hold on (not remembering exactly. ) to me that is bruno telling us rj= pj. Also i have always thought that rj smile is janes face and at very end jane gives us the biggest smile that he could have. Like i have said and no one will ever change my mind, there never was a PJ it has always been Red John being in character as patrick jane.

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I think it’s the forensic guy. He’s small. The person who shot the film makers was small (a woman or a small man). The two people who worked with Red John and later killed where in law enforcement (the deputy sheriff and the secretary). Remember when the secretary was killed Red John cut her with a poison. Someone no one would notice. Red John walk right past the guards and got to the secretary. Someone who could get strange poisons. Someone who knew how to shoot a gun.

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I think it had to be the waiter, the voices are similar but so was the detective-after watching it twice already! Can you imagine if it were someone on the cbi squad though? I hope this wasnt one of the many tv series that were cancelled this year!

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