Who is Red John?

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As odd as
this might seem, Patrick found himself shocked. Red John had finally hit a new
milestone when he predicted in a video the seven names on the list that Jane

Lisbon had
just watched the video with and abused Lorelei and with a very convincing
shocked and frustrated face look upon the laptop with the pictures of the seven
suspects… hoping that Patrick will turn himself looking outside that old window
so she could have her little smirk celebrating Jane’s newest fuck-face towards
RJ’s mind games. 

face and thoughts turn clouded when he saw her little smirk reflected on that
same window glass.

Did she
wanted him to see her smirk or not? It was too late anyways. He already saw it.

He didn’t
wanted to realize what was happening but it was too late.

It took him
seconds to realize the full picture of the moment: Shocking red John statement
by showing how powerful he can be, how above he’s above all us.  And while that terrifying thing was
happening   Lisbon was having a little smirk enjoying
herself while Jane is not looking at her.

face reflected his thoughts in the same clear way that the glass showed
Lisbon’s smirk. 

Her reaction
to it was all by pleasure.

Lisbon: The
Glass? Really? That’s all that it takes? A glass? So many clues left all along
and you can only tell by the reflection of a window?

Patrick had
that face just-before-crying-when-remembering-her-family.


Lisbon: I
am getting really rusty at this.


eyes turn glowy from the upcoming tears.

It’s so much to remember, so much left to feel, it can not be said on a rooftop
as it mean nothing to me. It does, It really does.

words were lost.

“No, you can’t Teresa. It can’t be you.”Hard to say, and even more hard to

Patrick hit
the floor with he’s knees as if a lighting shattered his mind and heart

Lisbon look
at him with sort of sadness.  She
regretted slipping away her true color with a silly smirk.

Her true
color was no other but red.

The Red Smirk.

tried to take the gun that he kept under the table in case anyone non friendly
ever come around.

It only
took a few seconds for Teresa to realize that he was faking the fall only to
grab the gun. She let him took it and point at her looking all freaked out and

Lisbon: Don’t
bother. We both know that is not loaded. You don’t use guns unless you really
have to.

Quickly she
rushed to take hers and point him while getting closer.

With the
gun pushing his heart, she moved like a diabolic creature around his limbs
crawling her way until find a pose she liked.

Patrick was
so afraid, so frustrated that let him to feel very badly and violated, sad and
betrayed… and very, very paralyzed.  He
tried to move vaguely to get away from whom was hugging him from behind.
Feeling disgusted try again but she slide the gun from his heart to his

-Lisbon: I
need you alive, that includes missing a leg, Patrick.

 -Patrick: Why…? Why did you did this to me?

You know it, and you know it very well. You insult me, say fake truths about
me, humiliated me. There was a price to pay. And with time, you did.

You destroyed my life.

You did that on your own. Your arrogance… if only you just take care of your
gift and only your gift. I knew your work back in the days. “Jane: the great

You’re beyond crazy.

-Lisbon:  Your talent… oh my… it’s amazing. Almost
impossible. Truly fantastic.  You really
have a gift Patrick. We always have that connection although in the beginning
it was only one way. May way. But still… in the end…. You came back to me.

What the hell are you talking about?

You lost your mind in that asylum remember? Many months happened… for a moment
I felt that I will have to give up on you. It made me think that maybe you were
a bully needing an adult to teach you a lesson.

-Patrick: I
never saw you… before the CBI… OH… oh my… I can’t believe this.


mentalist’s tears went all the way into Lisbon’s hand which held the gun. She
can feel how his frustration and her temporal feeling of relief melted together
while she told the story of their sick and long relationship.

-Lisbon:  As I told you, I was about to give up on you
but then Sophie called. Finally you were out of the asylum. My games… our games
could continue. Then you did that thing, that crazy thing that remade my plans,
my life. You went to the CBI AND YOU FOUND ME looking for information about red
john.  It was about me. Our connection
was there, you only needed to get rid of your family to see that our connection
was real.

-Lisbon: I
was there to found you and kill you, you insane woman.

That’s what you keep telling to yourself. You’re wrong. You only want someone
that is by your side, an equal. Look up to someone and someone looks up to you.
Your opposite on the same weight on the other side of the balance. That’s what
you are for me and me for you.

You can’t see it now and i am afraid that you wont be able to see it anymore. I
am your equal and you feel it, I know you do. Over six years together is enough
to know someone. I can tell that you feel something for me. And it’s very
strong. You love me.


started pressing on Patrick’s throat with that dark, cold gun.

Yes, it’s love. All that hate on red john is a mask only. Something that you
put so you won have to deal With your feelings and thoughts, things you want to
do… to be. You need to admit that thanks to me they are gone and now you can
really see that we have a path to do.

-Patrick: ¡No! ¡Never! ¡Dame you! ¡DAME YOU! ¡I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!

Patrick look into the sky, the light coming into the room shined on his face
full with tears.

Don’t worry love, don’t cry anymore. You want RJ I’ll give it to you. I’ll put
a face and a name so once your pain is gone… you will have time to see that
what left standing after the storm will be me.

-Patrick: ¡RED JOHN! ¡I will kill you before love you!

-Lisbon:  You already do it my love, but you won’t b
able to see it yet. Once the sheriff is gone you will come to me… soon or

 Ya lo haces amor, siempre lo hiciste
pero no podías verlo. Una vez que el sheriff se haya ido, vendrás a mí.

started to cry louder and louder.

Stand up Patrick.

He had no
more strength to move.

You seek my dead but if you know that keep going in a world where I am red John
will only kill you… eventually. I suffer as much as you. I am sorry love,
you’ll see.

Patrick was
lost and afraid, like when you find out that someone watches you while you
sleep. He can not reveal to his worst enemy that he only want to forget the
person he spent most time the last years more then with his own family was the
responsible for all that misery.

He stood
there looking the California Sky.

-Lisbon:  This is the only way that I see you living, at
least for now. Once you’ve killed “your Red John” things will go in a different
way. The last time I did this my mask fell off. ¿Remember? “Tyger Tyger”.

You sick son of a bitch!!!

I’m sorry too Patrick. So much.

eyes cried like water running in a river.

Close your eyes. Just close them.

-Patrick: I
am going to kill you.

She got
even closer.

Just close them love.

She clear
the tears away from his face with her little, smooth and cute fingers.

-Patrick: I
am gonna take your life with my own hands.

Ask me if I regret killing your family, ask me cause was a necessary end. But I

-Patrick: I
will shatter you…

Ask if I am scared of dying because I am, I do without you. Our connection is
psychic like you… like me. You feel it.  
You are mine and I yours. Remember the times you hugged your dotter,
remember our times in each case driving here, driving there, all the tricks we
put together, your best moments are now, chasing your demons and eventually
finding a resolution with the woman that stand by your side all these

Red John
didn’t hypnotized people when they could do it to themselves. Someone like Jane
with such and incredible capacity to it and so much need as well was easy to
self suggest.

It didn’t
take him more than seconds to open his eyes looking the glass and see Lisbon


looking her reaction, he needed some air and went out when end it up sitting on
a bench made of Wood frustrated about this new chapter that started on his
story with Red John.

names. Seven people.

followed him outside. 

¿How did HE do that?


That tape was made two months ago.  Red
Jhon knew the name of the suspects on that list before you did.  I mean… how’s that even possible?

Nah... It’s a Trick.

Lisbon: A
trick how?

Patrick: I
don’t know.

phone rings while Patrick looks at the sky getting ready for what is seems to
be a new case.

A new case
in the middle of that crazy moment, he did not wanted to do it but they got
ready to it right away.

case, another red john chase.

felt closer than ever but the truth was something he would never achieve.




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I just wanna say:


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So does this mean they are gonna explain how Agent Fischer found Jane in Mexico yet Abbot her boss had NO IDEA where Jane was on the island? U would think she would of been the first person he called once he arrived on the island but no. Did he even know she was there ?

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The highly-rated police procedural drama series by CBS, "The Mentalist," has been speculated to return to television somewhere in September or October as filming for the upcoming seventh season has already begun, according to reports.Show creator Bruno Heller revealed to The Hollywood Reporter some insights on what to expect in the forthcoming season, which will include a "satisfying conclusion."

"The pleasures of the show rests in the byplay between Robin [Tunney] and Simon [Baker]. Getting rid of Red John allowed us to focus on that human aspect of the show. Red John, as it turns out, was a convenience for Jane because it meant he didn't have to confront the rest of his life and what he's doing," he said.

With regards to the speculations whether fans could hear wedding bells for Simon Baker's Patrick Jane and Robin Tunney's Teresa Lisbon, the executive producer indicated that there will be resolution for those questions.

"After [Red John] goes, for both Lisbon and Jane, there is a palpable sense of 'What now? Do I really want to continue doing the same thing?' It left the two of them without an excuse to decide where that relationship was going. They had always been able to keep it separate. Those questions start bubbling up and the rest of the season was the resolution of those questions," Heller explained.

Meanwhile, Emily Swallow took to her social media to confirm the alleged news of her not returning to season 7.After appearing to 14 episodes in "The Mentalist," Swallow, who plays an FBI agent named Kim Fischer, will leave the team. The site also speculated that there's likely another female character to take Fischer's place in the story.Zap2It, on the other hand, indicated the return of Morena Baccarin as Erica Flynn, a matchmaker who murdered her husband. The character was last seen escaping from prison and later called Jane offering some information in exchange for pardon.


Okay, it's over, done.

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I just had this simple idea today ..... would the BH and crew be able to sell the franchise if there was nothing else to it , but the Jisbon ? I don't really think they would be able to sell it , unless it gave a promise of strong continuance on it's key point - RJ.

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quick poll.....

if S7 turns out to be a a complete suckfest set out to satisfy the jisbon incestual bandwagon and we continue to be teased with very very subtle hints of a possible RJ revisit, and most of the episodes focus around the blantantly dull fischer; and the show gets to a point where simon baker can no longer keep a straight face on camera....which is getting damn close.

let's say that happens.  let's say we stick out 13 "murder of the week" episodes surrounded by this soap opera feel good love fest.  let's say we all want to stick molten hot needles through our eyeballs and eardrums to make this suckfest go away.........

but in the last screenshout of the final episode of the final season, we see lisbon laying gutted with that red smiley above her.....will all be forgiven and we praise the fact that RJ was not McAsshole and RJ did truly win in the end???? or will too much damage have been done for any possible salvation????

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Seriously, I can't believe the writers and producers will continue this story jisbon. I can't believe they did that horrible end to invest in this shit. 

Very disappointing.

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