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Someone here mentioned how the ending of PLL [in Season 5] was everything that The Mentalist SHOULD have been.  So, I just finished 4th season of Pretty Little Liars and so far, it's pretty damn good -- they explain a great deal of the questions, but still leave the mystery of who the "mastermind villain" really is, to be revealed at the end of Season 5.  

Boy, The Mentalist people should have watched PLL and taken notes!!  [Or at least taken some writing classes.]  

PLL revolves around teen girls, which I wouldn't normally watch, and parts of Season One seemed like soft porn for lesbians BUT I kept watching because…the suspense and mystery are very intriguing, and become more complicated as the story unravels.

PLL has twists and turns, mysterious characters, an anyone-could-be-the-villain feel, a plethora of clues and the use of classic literature and film --- which [unlike The Mentalist ] pays homage in clever and nuanced ways, especially to Hitchcock and film noir, and the references are built in naturally, they WORK in the plot, as backdrop, adding dimension and symbolism quite well.  Some are out front, tongue in cheek, like the "Rear Window Brew" coffeehouse and some are so subtle, you realize later -- like the french poster in Mr. Fitz's apartment.  But so far, they all work, which is how it ought to be!!

Heller compared RJ to "Moby Dick" and "Moriarty" and then basically gives us a disgruntled guy from the post office who probably lives with his mother.  I mean --- if Heller felt McAllister was the best choice, FINE, but don't fucking calling him Jane's "MORIARTY," okay?!

Hats off to all the hardworking shows like PLL, True Detective, The Killing, Secrets & Lies….delivering quality entertainment without insulting our intelligence.  When it comes to The Mentalist, we were "conned."

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I don't think "The Mentalist" is a fitting or appropriate title anymore [for what this show has become in the end].

So, I came up with a few ideas of my own that I think work much better:

"The FBI Bride"

"Three Fake Psychics and a Baby"

"It Happened One Night By a Duck Pond"

"The Lady Cop and the X-Ray Vision Tramp"

"The Deadliest Pigeon"

"How to Get Away with Killing Four People" …..or "One Flew Over Extradition"

"From Here in a Normal House...to an Eternity in a Shack"

and my sentimental favorite:  
"The Man Who Threw a Pigeon, Choked a Chicken…and Settled down by a Duck Pond" ...also called "Three Birds of a Feather…"

The saddest part of this story ending…that didn't even get ONE MENTION…completely forgotten….has got to be….
'The Loneliest Couch"  

Gosh, I really do feel sorry for that ole faithful leather couch -- and I've really come to see now that the relationship Jane had with that couch was one of the more profound relationships of the whole show.  Don't you think?  LOL 

Please add your own ideas….the more the merrier.

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"3" makes a family -- and mostly likely that is Jane's "closure" -- getting back what was taken from him: a wife and child

I doubt very much that 3 is some clue pertaining to RJ or Lazarus [but they want us to think that, the fuckers]

Sorry, but Lisbon is probably preggers [and this way, she has to quit FBI]

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How about that Cosby scandal?

Um, on a lighter note, congratulations to the Cho being promoted to FBI bossman.  It's hardly a thrill a minute, but at least  it'll end on a note we recognize as true to his character.

Based on where they've been going with McRJ, tech wiz Haibach and the incestuous Jibson [a kind of "Mentalist in Wonderland," if you will]…..Cho could have run off with a monkey and joined the Plus size ballet.  But luckily, he's one guy we can count on being consistent [if horribly underused].  I'd welcome a spin off with Cho as the bossman but sans Jibson.  

Tune in next week to see Patrick Jane take his wedding ring off!  

Oh, and has anyone noticed that Simon Baker's accent has been very noticeable lately, in the last few episodes?

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Okay, so the last two episodes took place in Lisbon's hometown of Chicago, revolving around her brothers, and childhood home in need of repair [that Jane thinks is a nice place].

And as such a strong family and baby theme has emerged, even in the story of the week -- but since it's quite clear Jibson doesn't really have sex -- how WILL they end up with a family?  Truth is, even though I think "baby" and "family" are being foreshadowed, I can't even remotely imagine Lisbon pregnant.  But of course, they could adopt.  

And then it suddenly occurred to me:  are we seeing her brothers in Chicago because we're being set up for something more sinister?  I think something could happen to her brother Stan and his wife, which would leave their three children orphaned [a familiar theme in Lisbon's family].  

Maybe Lisbon is going to find herself the instant mother to her brother's children.

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Well, here's my take on this week's episode:  "The Whites of His Eggs" ….err, I mean, "Eyes" 

There's the GOOD, BAD and the UGLY [and the just plain STUPID]

1)  THE GOOD:  The story of the week.  Wow, I actually liked it.  It had a decent amount of suspense and the assassin was formidable.  When just about every other villain makes for a better RJ than the RJ we got, the question: "Do you think 6x08 was a success?"  is a no brainer.  It's NO, because Lydon could have been a better RJ, period.  No one should qualify to be better than what we got but everyone does at this point [except for Haibach LOL]  And, in this episode, the bad guy went down like a bad guy should, properly beat at his own game minus pigeon tricks.  

2) THE BAD:  the beginning and ending bits, that focused on Jibson's "relationship" 

a)  the beginning bit -- 
So just as we're all complaining about Lisbon's recent "adhering to gender roles due to her new relationship" -- they throw us"Lisbon beats Jane at foosball" to show, that indeed, Lisbon has not been traded in for a Stepford Wife. 
And, let's not forget the scintillating dialogue in that opening sequence!

"Can we get some chicken wings?" Lisbon says.

"Sure.  We may have to get 'em to go," Jane responds.

"Can we get some chicken wings to go, please?"  Jane asks the waitress.

But then Lisbon gets a call from the boss.

"We need to go now," Lisbon tells Jane.

"Uh, 86 the wings!"  Jane shouts to the waitress, "Thank you. Sorry."

There I was….on the edge of my seat -- will they eat chicken wings at the bar?  Or will they eat wings in the car?  And then after all of that build up, they had to cancel their order!  DAMN FBI and people being killed all the time.  Clearly, Jibson must quit the FBI -- so they'll have more time to eat chicken wings, like normal couples.  
Jonathan and Jennifer Hart ALWAYS had time for a glamorous dinner, and they solved murders and chased bad guys while holding FULL TIME JOBS [and having great hair].  Seriously!  Maybe Jibson needs a butler, like Max, back home in the RV.

b)  the ending bit -- we already saw it in the previews!!  There was absolutely positively nothing new -- nada zero -- whatsoever about those last few moments because we already heard Jane say "I'm protecting you" and Lisbon scowl "It's my job" on commercials all this week!  I love when they do that:  show us something, make us think there will be more, and then we watch to find out but -- Nope, that was it.  I thought that AT LEAST they'd have their FIRST FIGHT over a bucket of chicken wings!

I admit that I like the idea of these two fighting, it's definitely more true to the nature of their relationships -- SIBLING RIVALRY -- but I'm sure this "conflict of interest" is just another obvious plot ploy, to break them up so they can get back together again [Maybe THEN they'll finally have chicken wings together]
3) THE UGLY -- I mentioned in a previous post the "baby" and "family" symbolism we're being set up for -- this episode laid the "FAMILY" theme on SO thick, every other word in the dialogue was: "family" "baby" "kids."
this is what I found in the first 12 minutes of the episode: 
raised 3 brothers
good family men with young kids
young mother actually your family
our baby, are you even thinking about him?

someone else's child, too….that poor kid

a baby at home, and he's only 6 months old

what's you're baby's nameHenry -- After Matt's Dad

Henry's birthright
Mama taught me
the family members
little brother
the mom
the family
go see the family

My oldest boy
a middle child
there are THREE BOYS

I guess Heller thinks he can play "subliminal" Mentalist tricks on us, and that if we just HEAR the words: family, baby, kid, brother, mother, etc. mentioned enough in the dialogue -- we'll accept the ending of Jibson having a family better

4) THE utterly...STUPID!

1.  "It's a killer view"  -- [right before the assassin 'kills" the guy who said it, and then actually kills from the view], double entendre was never so idiotic
2.  "watch the man get beat by a girl" -- why is Jane a man and Lisbon a "girl?"  So, Lisbon is still deferring to Jane in a way that, welp, is uncharacteristic to who she's always been.    Yup, this insipid little storyline about Jane protecting Lisbon being is just a ploy that will get resolved at the end….by…you guessed it:  LISBON SAVING JANE [as if that's never happened before!]…[or Lisbon "coming to her senses" and realizing that she'd better let Jane save her?]  Easier to just get her pregnant and force her out  [as if law enforcement and military aren't parents]
3.  "Never play foosball with a woman whose raised 3 brothers" [meant to be a DEEP FORESHADOWING of the story of the week involving THREE BROTHERS]
 -- [insert yawn]
4.   VIDEO GAMES:  a bad guy from a violent family that kills people plays video games where he kills people, too, enjoying it a little too much.  But WAIT…can we really blame violent video games that reward obliterating human life, the Mentalist asks?  Maybe it's just WHO is playing since Wylie and Vega can play the same games and still be law abiding citizens.  Or maybe it's just saying that as long as you're on the right side of the law, it's okay to kill people in games -- because weren't these kinds of killing games originally meant for the military, but became mainstream for "fun" and perhaps that's not really the best thing for the youth of America….especially the youth with bad mothers?  'Cause it's the mother's fault, really.  [well, at least partially]  Hmm?  

In any case, the Mentalist want us to know they are *neutral* on the subject.  A violent video game does not make someone go out and kill --- it's just the killers who like to play them!  [and ruin it for all the good eggs out there like "Wega" who are just having plain old fashioned fun]

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Well, I think we got a preview last night of things to come -- Jibson returned home to Cali, and Jane picked up an adorable baby [hint, hint]

Here's how it will go:  
1) Jane will push to leave the FBI
2) Lisbon will tell Jane that being a cop is all she knows
3) something will happen to change Lisbon's mind -- like someone gets hurt, someone from CA needs her or she finds out she's pregnant
4) Jane and Lisbon open a pet shop, selling birds in Sacramento

5) BUT...not before they defeat another hillbilly mastermind in the final episode -- [who has a name of biblical proportions]

Maybe Jibson will buy a house on the same block that Grigsby lives on?  Aw...

Seems pretty clear.

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