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Bob Kirkland

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Someone here mentioned how the ending of PLL [in Season 5] was everything that The Mentalist SHOULD have been.  So, I just finished 4th season of Pretty Little Liars and so far, it's pretty damn good -- they explain a great deal of the questions, but still leave the mystery of who the "mastermind villain" really is, to be revealed at the end of Season 5.  

Boy, The Mentalist people should have watched PLL and taken notes!!  [Or at least taken some writing classes.]  

PLL revolves around teen girls, which I wouldn't normally watch, and parts of Season One seemed like soft porn for lesbians BUT I kept watching because…the suspense and mystery are very intriguing, and become more complicated as the story unravels.

PLL has twists and turns, mysterious characters, an anyone-could-be-the-villain feel, a plethora of clues and the use of classic literature and film --- which [unlike The Mentalist ] pays homage in clever and nuanced ways, especially to Hitchcock and film noir, and the references are built in naturally, they WORK in the plot, as backdrop, adding dimension and symbolism quite well.  Some are out front, tongue in cheek, like the "Rear Window Brew" coffeehouse and some are so subtle, you realize later -- like the french poster in Mr. Fitz's apartment.  But so far, they all work, which is how it ought to be!!

Heller compared RJ to "Moby Dick" and "Moriarty" and then basically gives us a disgruntled guy from the post office who probably lives with his mother.  I mean --- if Heller felt McAllister was the best choice, FINE, but don't fucking calling him Jane's "MORIARTY," okay?!

Hats off to all the hardworking shows like PLL, True Detective, The Killing, Secrets & Lies….delivering quality entertainment without insulting our intelligence.  When it comes to The Mentalist, we were "conned."

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