Who is Red John?

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Hey guys, 

I don't really think that it is Craig O'Lauglin - it's over and it's clear that Red John is / was Sherif ThomasMcAllister. 

But another thing that just came to my mind today and which I would like to share with you is: 

Craig O'Laughlin was Blake Association. I think even without showing it, it can be taken as true. 

But what makes me curious: 

Van Pelt had sex with O'Laughlin. Why didn't she remember his tattoo when Patrick told them about the tattoo or even when she saw it when Rigsby and and her checked the policeman in 06x07?

I can't imagine that neither she never saw It on O'Laughlins body nor not remembering it later then. 

What do you think? 

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Just something I recognized a few minutes ago.. 

1. ) When you watch the (extended) Promo for S06x06 (The Red John Episode) - many have mentioned that the guy jumping through the glass looks a lot like McAllister. Could be. 

2.) Just re-watched the scene ( S06x03) where Patrick calls McAllister while being in the forest. 

-McAllister sounds ALOT like Red John on the phone ( listen to his voice saying "Sheriff McAllister... What can I do for you Patrick?") and compare that for example to the last phone call of Red John in the first Episode of Season 6 (at the End). 


When it comes to the Promotion of the Red John Episode - the voice (which is Red John i presume) says "The game is over and I won!" - and McAllister (in the conversation mentioned above) says something like "Game is game, isn't it?" when they talk about hunting. 

Another clue? I don't know. Just thought it could be interesting for you guys as well :) 

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Hello everyone - after reading a lot of theories and thinking about who Red John is for a long time - i finally would like to explain my latest thoughts. It's not really the try to finally determine who out of the 7 suspects is Red John - but some thoughts. 

So let's get started, right? 

Most important things first: I think, it COULD be Michael Kirkland. Now before you start yawning and screaming "no - he is dead, dude!" - let me explain. 

When Bob/Robert Kirkland explained his background story to Patrick in Episode S06x05 - what do we learn? 

We learn about his mother, his dad and his brother. 

His dad beat "the crap out of all of them". Until their mother left - with the razor-blade. That's what kicked my theory off. Bob left as well after some time. And when their dad died - michael become the alcoholic. Nothing new until yet. 

But then he met someone. As Bob said "someone who finally could help him". Or as Patrick said "More than that - a savior". 

Bob believes that it was Red John who helped Michael. But I'm not right sure about it. He never met him by himself (we know that because of..well then Bob would know Red John, right? :P ). 

Thinking of the time and the circumstances...couldn't be it that the person who helped Michael wasn't Red John but - Bret Stiles? 

Someone who helped him out of his misery, a "savior"  and someone who only wanted devotion and sacrafice in return. Does sound like the things that powerful cult-leaders are made of, doesn't it? 

So... the next thing: Despite the killing of the Janes , Dr. Towlen Morning and Panzer - we still don't know WHY Red John started killing. We do only know, that mosts of the time, he kills woman (after raping them) and then draws his mark somewhere. 

And why a smiley? A smiley, that also looks like it is crying? A symbol that many, many people would associate with something "childish"?

So let me start with my theory: 

What, if Red John is Michael Kirkland. And as Jack the Ripper was killing prositutes for avenging the doing's of his mother (which he hated) - Red John kills woman. He kills Mothers. His mother wasn't helping him or his brother when their dad beat them. They were probably crying and suffering like hell - but she didn't help. (maybe because she just didn't know how to). 

So Red John aka Michael is killing Woman - just because of his hateress of woman(but that also just an assumption) and paints a crying, childish face on the wall. If Jay Roth has no psychiatric history (no treatmens) - so doesn't Red John probably had some - so he never had help to get over all of that. He is out for blood and revenge.

Her mother killed herself with a razor blade - maybe is that (and the fact of the slow, painful dead) the reason why he uses knifes. 

But how could have Michael shook Patricks Hand? That's the fact I'm not finisehd with yet. Maybe he infiltrated CBI sometimes by playing his role as "Bob"? Not sure about that - but from a psychological point of view it would fit. 

Also - that would know why Bret Stiles knows who Red John is and is a little bit laughing when Patricks says "One of you is Red John"  - as Red John isn't in the room. Bret won't be Red John - he made more than one aspersion about Red John - and a person who's actions base on his ego won't do that. Someone who doesn't like to be slandered would not talk like this about himself. Even not to keep his disclorue up. 

Also what COULD be a fitting fact: He likes Teresa and spares her life. Maybe because he just wanted to send a message to Patrick via the sign on her face - or just not to end the game yet. Who knows. But maybe he likes her, because she suffered as a child as well - like Michael / Red John - she suffered under an alcoholic dad. 

So that's one of my theories. The other ones are "just" from tiger tiger (which i think is a very bad thing in the plot but it's okay). And Haffner..well...he is just acting weird and is a bit foolish about that or just doesn't recognise what his actions are looking like. Who knows. 

Thanks for reading! 

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