Who is Red John?

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Craig O'Laughlin

Craig O'Laughlin
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Hey guys, 

I don't really think that it is Craig O'Lauglin - it's over and it's clear that Red John is / was Sherif ThomasMcAllister. 

But another thing that just came to my mind today and which I would like to share with you is: 

Craig O'Laughlin was Blake Association. I think even without showing it, it can be taken as true. 

But what makes me curious: 

Van Pelt had sex with O'Laughlin. Why didn't she remember his tattoo when Patrick told them about the tattoo or even when she saw it when Rigsby and and her checked the policeman in 06x07?

I can't imagine that neither she never saw It on O'Laughlins body nor not remembering it later then. 

What do you think? 

How do you find this theory?
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