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Dr. Royston Daniel

Dr. Royston Daniel
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The Leader of the White Walkers really reminded me of Red John from the Season 2 finale. His dignified walk step by step along with his calm and calculated appearance as well as the gut-wrenchig astonishing soundtrack. Movies and TV shows are only as good as their villians.

Quick Question: Red John told Jane in the season 4 finale that there is no heaven and hell. He said that when he dies he will not be punished for his deeds. But McAllister told Jane in 6x03 after killing the guy on the roof, "Now he's talking directly to Jesus." You think he was being sarcastic? That was he being sarcastic when Jane was easily destroying him in rock, paper,scissors. He was like a dog, Jane could predict his every move. That's a patsy or maybe a member of Red John's corporation. Not the mastermind himself.

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I honestly think this is the first show in history where the antagonist was falsely revealed and it was left up to the audience to surmise who he was.
We all know Macalister was not Red John for 100 different reason
The biggest reason is that Macalister is NOTHING like Jane.
And we learned by two people that Jane and Rj are two peas in a pod.
Could Red John of walked out the back door with nobody noticing ?

*Red John loves Jane more than anyone on earth.
Rj taught Jane a lesson.
Played a game with him.
Then used him to take down the Ba.
Maybe the Ba did something to piss Rj off?
-Red John from the very beginning was leaving breadcrumbs for Jane.
It all started with the poem tiger tiger...
The way all the clues fell on Janes lap...Partridge, Sophie Millers tapes, Lisbon Spared, Kira Tinsley, etc
Leads us to believe someone was leading him this whole time...

My favorite example of this was the Dumar Tanner Rosaline Harker episode.
Red John wanted Jane to meet her.
Wanted him to see the smiley.
Wanted him to read the letter.
And wanted him to learn about Roy Tagliaferra...
When Jane thought he was getting closer he was really just where Rj wanted him...

So in the end i guess since Rj loved Jane so much he decided to give him what he wanted. A red john of sorts...
Red John tied Macalister up nice and neat with a bow for Jane.
Ending his hellish sad excuse for a life filled with regret from the death of his family.
Even the usb was planted there for cbi to easily find...

Maybe Jane being of split personalities left himself clues.
And in the end killing Macalister also killed Janes alter ego ?
Ehhh prob not...

But anyway who do you think snuck out the back door?


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So sad.
Just give me back my old "The mentalist". 
Just, just that.

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Red John As A Child Revealed !

well you know what john
you're a giant bag of dog shit , you mother-less ass

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I think the list is fake...

1) we only get shown Patricks Reaction to the tape while he is with lisbon. (I am presuming he watched the CD before she chowed it to lisbon) so we don't know his true reaction.

2) He said at first he didn't want to tell lisbon about the list of suspects because she would "act differently" around them, however he seems to make no effort of doing this himself. Brett partridge noticed jane was being off with him, even to the point of asking him "why?" even though Partick is allways disliked him and therefore they've allways not got on, So patrick being funny isnt usually out of character. He was also acting differently with burtram too in lisbons office.

3) i think he meant for lisbon, grace, rigsby and cho to find out about the list, so they would all act funny around the people, lisbon would proably put the tracking bugs on them... therefore leading red john to think patrick really does think he is one of the 7 on the list, making red john belive he is one step ahead as usual.

Just a theory :)

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I'm assuming given the trailer for 6:02 that the list may be a decoy, and that the 6 remaining suspects may just be disciples. Going through the other suspects listed on this site, one name jumped out at me. Royston Daniel. Hasn't been seen since season 1, but neither has McAllister, and Smith made only 1 appearance in season 5. So quantity of times seen is obviously meaningless.

We know that RJ has disciples, who better to control people than a professional hypnotist? 

He is well presented, well dressed, very intelligent, could easily have put himself in peril to throw Jane off the scent, plus i believe they shook hands too. Lorelai said she was surprised that PJ and RJ didn't become friends, i could see PJ and Dr. Daniel being friends, they both have similar traits.

He fits Rosalind's physical description too, the only thing that puts me off him is that he's called Royston, can be shortened to Roy, and that would be just too obvious, unless he's hiding in plain sight?

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