Who is Red John?

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Unrevealed suspect

Unrevealed suspect
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I was never convinced that patrick jane was red john.
I definitely thought about it but concluded that it was impossible but sometimes it does seem to be true.
In the season 4 finale when jane is in the warehouse he is reading Modern Man in Search of a Soul” from C. G. Jung.
That book is abouy dreams the subconscious and split personalities .
The camera went on the book for a while so the viewer could see.
Jane never sleeps but its funny that he slept the most when in bed with lorelie . 12 hours !
I dont think jane killed his family but who knows anymore .
Maybe jane sent lorelie to himself and told her to tell him about the handshake but i doubt it .
Def cool to think about .

How do you find this theory?
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