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Bob Kirkland

Bob Kirkland
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Ok People, here is a list of the Red John episodes:

Season 1: 01, 11, 23
Season 2: 08, 23
Season 3: 03, 09, 16, 23 - 24
Season 4: 01, 02, 07, 11, 13, 17, 23, 24
Season 5: 01, 05, 06, 07, 08, 13, 16, 18, 19, 22
Season 6: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08

Have fun and find aaaaall the clues that led only to McAllister. It's just wow.... how could we be so stupid?.... It was right in front of our eyes.... yeah....

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Red John isn't afraid of death.

Season 4 finale;

PJ: "Go to hell"
RJ: "As you well know Patrick, there is no hell.When I die I won't be punished."
This conversation shows that RJ knows he is going to die sooner or later,still he doesn't care, and still he continues to live his life on the edge.

RJ kills for the immediate pleasure of the act, and he does it in a way to offer fear to the people.He is a SHOWMAN.
Killing is his business.Cutting his victims open with his knife, feeling their fear.He watches them die and he feels nice.So I suppose that his adrenaline is at the maximum when he kills, he feels pleased and his feeling the heat.
And remember the episode where Jane has fugue, there is a firefighter that is stabbed to death and his wife stated: "My husband was addicted in adrenaline.Definitely when he was stabbed, it was the greatest excitement of his whole life."
I believe same goes to Red John.When he dies, he feels it, he feels the pleasure.This is my point of view.Remember Dummar, end of season 1, he got shot by Jane, and he died laughing and saying "Red John". Now this is a proper way to die for a psycho.

Red John has phobias like everybody else.Phobias that may seem ridiculus to others.Still I can't see a good reason why RJ is afraid of dying.

And by the way, how many fears Red John has?
A)Fear of birds.Even Sheldon from Big Bang Theory learned to tolerate birds eventually.
B)Fear of heights.Very common fear.
C)Fear of death.
D)Fear that someone is better than him.(He kills to punish those who expose him just to prove he is better)

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For the list of seven, I think this is totally bullshit to give some thrills to viewers.

During season five, Jane burned every time all the files while he was tracking down Red John identity to minimize the risk of being spy/stolen.

The names spelled by Lorelei match perfectly with those on little pictures, except last and first names are reverse (Bob Kirkland, Kirkland Bob, etc).
We saw only Lisbon watched it.

During the video reading :
Lorelei says quite a few names as if the number weren't exactly known.
She gives some time to the viewer to grab the names...ok guys, Don't you think jane and his memory palace(my ass) couldn't memories seven little names ?

My first thought was this is impossible while almost everyone else thought it was kirkland (-_-).

Then the most logical way I could think of was about a computer trick hidden in the cd. As a young developer, myself, I think it could be possible to do it even if it would require very high skills, time, and luck.
- high skills : a client trojan virus cross-platform placed in the disk infecting the laptot which could hack cam, microphone, real-time internet sniffing, installing a picture to text analyst software.
- time : Red John needed time to hold Lorelei and make her record several samples of her voice, and then patch the all thing together whenever he needed to, then uploading it to the laptop throught the trojan's help.
- luck : yeah luck, all this plan needed luck, the presence of the pictures during the video reading. the fact that they didn't give the disk to scientific to extract some finger prints or data-mining analysis throught Van Pelt.

I know I sound crazy, but we are in a show, they do everytime a lot of IT stuff quickly while pressing keyboard randomly which could take several hours to the greatest hacker of the planet. Using IP addresses like 3526.784.0.1 and 555 - XXX phone numbers ...
So we could explain the list of seven merging these two elements (improbable high skill + show environment) and the fact He has twice hacked into the CBI computers without being detected and sets up phony companies and bank accounts to keep his identity a secret.

This is my creepy way, and it is better than the psychic explanation. If Red John was truly psychic he would have bring a Goshawk with him and registered the 911 number in his phone...

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Didn't Stoopkid swear on his grandmothers grave that he will not be posting until the next episode aired?

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I've never really been a fan of Kirkland but now looking back, I realize they should have used Kevin Corrigan much more in the show! He is a great actor, naturally creepy, a 100x more charismatic and believable than McAllister. Mind you, everyone is more charismatic than him, except maybe Smith.

Anyway, after all the disappointments at least I got to know some great actors thanks to the show, like K. Corrigan, Reed Diamond or Jack Plotnick. I already knew Malcolm McDowell before. Bruno Heller is lazy and unimaginative but at least the actors never disappointed us.

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There is a big mismatch here . If someone posted the right theory it would get 90% Red, discouraging others from reading it and burying it. The average intelligence of the whole site dropped after the reveal. It becomes unbearable to see every other theory whining about Heller. They're pretty much the most popular theories too. Pre-RJ reveal, I clicked on Stoopkid's profile. His theories used to be 90% red. Now they're around 40-70% Red.

I have nothing against Stoopkid, but his theories haven't got any better. The site audience has changed. A lot of the dedicated site members stayed, but there weren't many of them.

I'm under no delusions, this place has become a ranting ground, where real theories cannot thrive.

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Things to be missed:

-The random appearances of CBI Ron.
-Cho and Risgby's conversations.
-Van Pelt.
-The sudden face on the wall we watched at several crime scenes and Brett Partridge analyzing the scene.
-Bob Kirkland.
-Lisbon always confronting Jane instead of agreeing with him.
-This darkness and sadness in Jane's personality.Not a happy hippie.
-Jane solving weekly crimes in a fascinating way.Not running away from the FBI...
-Red John. (of course)
-Episodes involving Visualise.And Bret Stiles.
-Cho's more screen time.
-Lorelei Martins.
-Red John background music.
-Jane's teacup.

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