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Bob Kirkland

Bob Kirkland
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For 5 seasons and 7 episodes I was kinda obsessed with the show.I tried to figure out who Red John is, to put clues together visiting sites like this etc.
Then I saw ep.8.

*Anyway, I just wanted to share a dream I had last night.I saw that a lot of people posted different theories over the storyline about the Red John reveal and death.Then the others voted them.After that. a lot of "The Mentalist" fans started a site named
where people could donate money in order to make our own episode with our own script and the Mentalist team.(of course).That would be awesome.(And impossible too, ok I know right? :) ).I believe that came to my mind after this thing I've heard about a millionaire who was willing to give 60 million dollars in order to make one last episode of "Breaking Bad"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???

P.S.:Please continue posting theories about RJ's return, you are giving me
hope! <3

And something last, I totally agree with the guy who posted the theory:
 Jane said that "Reede Smith is not RJ cause of his breakdown and RJ wouldn't do that even if he was acting"
So why the hell after he kills the Sheriff he doesn't come up with the same conclusion?+The fact that McAllister gives the whole "hypnotized guy" vibe.
Two posibilities here:
1st:Another plot hole.(We must admit there are a lot)
2nd:Another brilliant masterplan by Jane to catch RJ?Hope so.

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Well there is certainly loads of questions to be answered, but I just noticed one more: Why the hell did Bob Kirkland kill Jason Lennon in 5x18? Does not make any sense at all? Jason Lennon knew who Red John was. Kirkland was after Red John. He was prepared to torture people for that information. Confusing.. Anybody have any theories regarding that? The only thing I can think of is the whole Michael Kirkland thing...

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Now that all the detectives are gone we mourn in peace.

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I bet that the list at the end is actually real. The blake association will still be around. Besides Abbott will now be wanting to know more, I wonder if he might discover some new actual information.... and find out that Mcallister is not red john :D

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This site is dying, so I guess we all accepted the Red John's end.
Thank you for the great theories.

Bruno Heller makes fun of us."ha ha ha I tricked the people into watching the show for 5 years and everything meant nothing eventually"

I only hope there is an interviewer or something to ask Bruno Heller some questions.I'd really like to see how he would answer.

-Why "The Mentalist" turned out to be an almost identical copy of "Profiler"?
-How did Red John(McAllister) figured out the list even before Jane?
And no, "he is a real psychic" is an unacceptable answer, especially after the trick RJ did with Sophie Miller.
-He is Mar?
-Why Jane put McAllister in the list at the first place?
-Why the hell the real RJ actually played on 1 fcking episode before season 6?
-How Jane knew he is going to meet McAllister? (pidgeon with him,and only McAllister showed his fear of birds)
-How comes no one gives a DAMN about Visualise, Haffner and especially Stiles?
-Which is the connect between McAllister and Visualise?
-How did Stiles know so much about Red John?
-Why you didn't come up with who is going to be RJ before the show starts?
-Why RJ acts so stupidly at the 6th seasons?
-Why RJ kills partridge and why RJ leaves Lisbon alive?And don't answer "Because of the pidgeons"
How he killed Partridge, brought down Lisbon, painted the smiley face on her, called Jane and acted so calmly?
-Why the 8th episode is so poor?Seems like you had a lack of effort creativity etc.
-RJ turned out to be a dumb, still he managed to control a huge association among Law Enforcement, manipulate people into loving him, and seduce women?

Those and many moree...........

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if only red john could score goals like these :(


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