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Bob Kirkland

Bob Kirkland
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This site is dying, so I guess we all accepted the Red John's end.
Thank you for the great theories.

Bruno Heller makes fun of us."ha ha ha I tricked the people into watching the show for 5 years and everything meant nothing eventually"

I only hope there is an interviewer or something to ask Bruno Heller some questions.I'd really like to see how he would answer.

-Why "The Mentalist" turned out to be an almost identical copy of "Profiler"?
-How did Red John(McAllister) figured out the list even before Jane?
And no, "he is a real psychic" is an unacceptable answer, especially after the trick RJ did with Sophie Miller.
-He is Mar?
-Why Jane put McAllister in the list at the first place?
-Why the hell the real RJ actually played on 1 fcking episode before season 6?
-How Jane knew he is going to meet McAllister? (pidgeon with him,and only McAllister showed his fear of birds)
-How comes no one gives a DAMN about Visualise, Haffner and especially Stiles?
-Which is the connect between McAllister and Visualise?
-How did Stiles know so much about Red John?
-Why you didn't come up with who is going to be RJ before the show starts?
-Why RJ acts so stupidly at the 6th seasons?
-Why RJ kills partridge and why RJ leaves Lisbon alive?And don't answer "Because of the pidgeons"
How he killed Partridge, brought down Lisbon, painted the smiley face on her, called Jane and acted so calmly?
-Why the 8th episode is so poor?Seems like you had a lack of effort creativity etc.
-RJ turned out to be a dumb, still he managed to control a huge association among Law Enforcement, manipulate people into loving him, and seduce women?

Those and many moree...........

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if only red john could score goals like these :(


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Stay focused.
This site is meant for the people to share theories, ideas, thoughts about the show.
Don't argue with each other.We are all upset about the end of Red John saga.
So, we all have common concerns and goals.

I will present some facts that I think that nobody would disagree.

-Some people are upset because Red john turned out to be
Sheriff Thomas McAllister.
But, I think the greatest percent of the viewers are highly disapointed from the whole situation around RJ's reveal and death, not the identity of RJ.Because we have to admit, Xander Barkley is a great actor and capable enough to pull out the Red John role.I believe that even if Reede Smith turned out to be RJ, if it was presented approprietely, it would leave the audience pleased.
(With "approprietely" I mean, a proper way of revelation, a proper way of killing RJ, a proper behaviour by RJ, flashbacks, a proper script-dialogues-scenario.)

-A lot of theories about RJ's return out there.
I love you guys for this.But, again I suppose that the 90% of us know well that this will never happen.We all still keep our hope alive.But we must face it: This is extremely unlikely to happen.For a lot of different reasons. (ex. Interviews by the creators and actors, the lack of "red' in the titles of the episodes, the whole "FBI" thing that they are trying to sell us, etc)

-Uncountable mistakes/plot holes/script errors/clues that don't follow each other/ that are all made by the creators.

-Those two new characters are irksome at the maximum.

-For those who are about to watch the rest of the series no matter what,
(including me), they are going to watch a brand new show.

-We all really enjoyed the first 5 seasons and 7 episodes.
(And mostly those who involved Red John)
And as a greek poet wrote,
"The one that matters is the journey, not the destination"

-All the original actors of "The Mentalist" are amazing.
(ex.Simon Baker, Robin Tunney , Tim Kang,
Owain Yeoman,
Amanda Righetti).Also great occasional actors such as: Jack Plotnick, Kevin Corrigan, Gregory Itzin, John Troy Donovan (aka CBI Ron :D ),

Malcolm McDowell,

Reed Diamond, Xander Berkeley, Emmanuelle Chriqui ( :P ).

-Personally, I learnt soooo much from the show.I didn't ever believe that a man could learn so much from a TV series, and I was absolutely wrong.Things I've learnt or appreciated after watching this show:
-Tea is cooler than I initialy thought. :P
-William Blake is an awesome poet.I've read all his poems.
-Classical music (and especially Bach0, rocks.
-Believe it or not, I've learnt a lot of things about human behaviour, lies, bluffs, tricks,cold reading, memory palace, Mentalist stuff.
-Criminals CAN be awesome.
-Cops are corrupted. (OK that's not a rule, but it applies at many situations)
-Violence is not the answer.
-People aren't always what they seem to be.
And many many more......

Hope you enjoyed.Don't stop posting on the site and remember that anyone can have his own opinion.(Wrong or wright it's an opinion)

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I am totally in the middle of believing or not regarding 6x08 being the end of Red John. Here's my dilemma for everyone's evaluation:

In today's TV shows, almost each procedural show has an under-plot flowing through the episodes while each individual episode deals with an individual event separately. This approach enables the show to be followed by many more people than usual because this way you combine 2 different segments of audience together. The ones who're happy with the weekly independent plots (who are willing to bear the ongoing plot for the sake of it) and the ones who're following the show for being intrigued by the sub-plot (and these guys also bear the event-of-the-week concept for the sake of the sub plot). So, it comes to such a point that one without the other can not draw the same attention from the cumulative audience. For example, in Person of Interest there's a victim (or perpetrator) of the week, and there's a mystery going under throughout the series (Root, Finch, characters' past and connections, etc.). Or in Fringe, there's a new anomaly every week but there's also a main plot flowing under regarding Dr. Bishop's past and parallel universe, bald dudes, etc. I'm sure there are many more like this out there.

Actually, many things in our lives have become this way. While we can very well use a regular cell phone, we prefer to buy smart-phones which happen to combine many features besides the phone function. Multi-functional phenomena is the new concept in many areas. That being said, ending the show's sub-plot (Red John) at such a point (at 1/3 of the season) with such an anti-climatic reveal makes us think that the plot is actually not over and we're just standing against another big twist and we have every right to think like that. Because if the purpose was to end that saga, a much better ending could play out. We all agree on that.

However, on the contrary, I have hard times to believe in the idea that the creators would spend so much money and resources on 8 episodes just to fool us again. Because from the beginning of season 6 until episode 8 the show was focused on Red John reveal. I don't remember how many episodes it took to lead us to Timothy Carter starting with Hightower being framed but I guess it was not more than 2 episodes which seems worth to misdirect the audience but spending 8 episodes for a similar con? I leave the decision to you guys.

So on my side, I will wait for 2 more episodes and see if the show will give us something to chase after which is more intriguing than the Red John story line. If it does that, then we can all forget about the Red John thing and choose to leave or stay depending on the new mystery. If they do not give us such a plot within the next 2 episodes, then I guess we will be having Red John back (I prefer this one).   

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Who else hates FBI agent Dennis Abbot? (or whatever his name is) 

As far as I'm concerned I think this character is completely irrelevant, came out of nowhere, he hasn't brought anything interesting to the series, he's just some random guy that you could think is there just to annoy people. He has no background, we don't know what he's fucking doing around here, to me he had nothing to do with RJ saga's ending. Also I would expect his shoulder to be checked when he showed up at the CBI to close it down. 

When you have excellent characters with an interesting background and a developed story like JJ LaRoche, Kristina Frye, or even Agent Darcy (who screwed up the operation to catch RJ in season 4 finale), I think it is shitty writing to create characters like Abbot. He's useless. He has nothing to do there. He's a mistake. 

Crappy Red John by the way.

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I wanted to ask you if there was any news on a renewal for a new season (seven) since I did not found this information anywhere! 

I would really appreciate any insight on this, surely others will as well. 

Thanks !


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