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Bob Kirkland

Bob Kirkland
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Like a lot, I was disappointed by this revelation. Obviously, I expected more.
I'm not okay with Mc Allister as RJ but well, I would have accepted it with concreat explanations. For now, it just make no sense for me letting all this questions without answers.
The more I think about this ep, the more I believe it was another trick and RJ's story is not over yet. For several reasons.

1. There is no explanations or flashback that would make me agree with Mc Allister as RJ. And by the way, why PJ didn't let him explain how he got the list of suspects ??

2. There is too many elements that make no sense. RJ defeated by a fucking bird ? How could Cordero find the gun but not A BIRD ? That's unbelievable ! And if Mc Allister is afraid of birds, why would have he killed Partridge in a house full of birds ?
And RJ calling 911 because he's afraid to die ? Ok, he can still be a man but common, he's a serial killer, he changed the rules and said the game would end when PJ catch him or he catch PJ. For me, it sounds like a game which end with the death of one of them, knowing that it's sounds unbelievable that he's afraid to die ! But that's my opinion.
For me, if Mc Allister call 911, it's more because he's another RJ's soldier and he started to realize where being so devoted will lead him. But that's my opinion.

3. The voice: "The game is over and I won". Ok, I know Baker made the voice himself... But, c'mon guys, how could a men with such a loud voice suddenly speak with this kind of voice ? That doesn't match at all !

4. "He is Mar". Ok, it could be "He is Mac", it sounds like Mac Allister, but can also sound like Michael Kirkland, which was and still is my number1 suspect here.

5. Others numerous clues (or fake ones, maybe) make me think Mc Allister can't be the real RJ:
- Why Kirkland killed Lennon at the hospital without asking who was RJ despite he was chasing him ?
- Why mention that Kirkland has a TWIN brother and not only a brother ? A simple brother would have been sufficient to justify his quest of revenge, no ?
- What is the link with Visualize ? For me, RJ is somebody both linked to Visualize and Blake Associations. Haffner was a good suspect, but he doesn't have the tatoo. Michael Kirkland could be a good suspects: he would have been taken out from his drunk problem by Bret Stiles and Visualize and would have become RJ over the time. That would explain why Stiles said he knows much than PJ or RJ would ever know.
- Why killing the Big Vilain in the first part of the season ? Again, it makes no sense to me.

No way, we will see how the season evolve. I will make my mind definitely by the end of the season. But, if it was really the end of RJ, I will be very, very disappointed.

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McAlister was a briliant RJ but the problem is that we didn't get any answers.
I would be disappointed if Partridge or Smith were RJ, cmon creepy forensic ghoul and chubby FBI guy.Jack Plotnick is a good actor but for RJ role i would vote for Mashburn, Haffner or Kirkland.

We had many amazing actors and they picked one of them, but the rest of the story in episode 6x8 was lame and disappointing.

Maybe Heller will make a new move and Jane will meet new archenemy in South America( Juan Rojo) 

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I believe that Reede Smith killed Michael Kirkland; therefore Bob is still floating around somewhere.
If RJ can have Timothy Carter impersonate Rj, and Bertram impersonate RJ on the phone with PJ, then why not have Sheriff McAllister impersonate him. I am hopeful that the typical characteristics of a serial killer will come out in the real Red John. I don't believe that Patrick is as stupid as the writers have portrayed him and will defintely clear up what Patrick knows.  

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Here is the thing people.  Oh and by the way, hello from Canada.

1.  It was a little dissapointing that thomas ended up being red john but we all knew that we would be dissapointed anyways.  Each suspect had their pros and their cons and no one would have been truly satisfied regardless of the outcome.

2.  It is a shame that the episode got leaked, how that happened, who knows, but obviously it was enough of a draw for millions of people if they were so hell bent on getting in there.  And if CBS leaked it, well, they leaked it.

3.  So, I have read the theories here for months now, and on facebook as I am an avid fan, although blacklist is my mentalist 2.0.  Here is what I took from last night.  Remember that episode where Jane was to deliver Lisbon's head?  Remember the last scene where he and she were embracing each other and that cop car drove by.  Remember that the faceless cop had a sheriffs hat on?  That was tip off enough really.

4.  Now to the future of this show for the remaining 14 some odd episodes.  I thought after seeing last nites show that we kinda had a timothy carter thing happen again with thomas.  Clearly to me, he was not red john either but a pawn.  It just reaked of the same scenerio again.  And i am going to give Bruno the benefit of the doubt that we will be shocked as this progresses, two years into the future or not.  That is why there were so many un answered questions.  Just like Timothy, Thomas had some correct information but not everything.  I think that Michael Kirkland or Walter is the larger Red John here and controlled Thomas too.  The woman that tried to kill Patrick kinda indicated this.  Why?  Cause "a" she was a woman, "b" Thomas had no idea or inclination that she was there to prtect him, "c" thomas was clearly trying to make Patrick think he was Red John so that the whole thing would die down.  This is because of the tyger tyger thing getting out and the true ringmaster of the group being outted by Kirland (bob) and Reede.  I would surmise here that we will see this as things play out because it is never just that simple.  I also think that CBI Ron plays a larger role here that is yet to be seen although not the ring leader. 

4.  Thomas being Red John is the ultimate red herring here and I think that we will see this going forward.  He was a killer no doubt, and likely committed some of the red john murders on behalf of the real red john who doesnt want to get their hands dirty, which makes sense given red johns true use of others to carry out his plans.  We all expected more and I think that Bruno is going to give us just that as this plays out, thats why this event occured so early in this season.  Is it the last season?  Maybe, and if so, then this event last nite will pale in comparison to the real climax yet to be shown. 

5.  I hope that with all the drama surrounding this, the fans realize as I did that the show will continue with the Red John theme, just not as we imagined it.  Last nite moved so quickly on purpose.  It was a snow job for the real "mentalist" like fans to see through or not.  I am sure we have not seen the last of the painted red smiley face and again, Patrick and the crew will be on the hunt for the puppet master himself.

PS, dont take this site down, it aint over yet..,..........

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Will we get more information about Red John?

Heller: We won’t be going back.  …  Once the curtain is drawn back from these evil Wizard of Oz
characters they tend not to be very interesting dinner companions. They
tend to be ego-maniacal one-track minds … There is a great deal of
[backstory], if anyone waned to ask those questions, I’d be happy to
answer. There’s a lot of questions about motivations and what [Red John]
was doing and when and how… It makes for great Internet fodder, but
it’s not very entertaining for a weekly TV audience.

Baker: When Red John dies there’s a part of Jane that
dies in that moment as well. It’s kind of what he’s been about since we
met him. It takes a little time to get back on his feet again. He
doesn’t have a wife and kid, he doesn’t have a relationship with anyone
other than those he worked with at the CBI and this perverse
relationship/obsession with Red John, which is now over … In the very
next episode there was a line that referenced Red John and I was pretty
adamant about losing it. Because we’ve said “Red John” about 4 million
times and 3 million in the last 7 episodes … It’s nice to have to have a
good clean cut and not have Jane speak of him … Even if he speaks [of
killing him], he doesn’t mention “Red” or “John” in same sentence.

It's over guys, we will never ever get answers for our questions. What a waste of time !!!. Who will watch mentalist now ? Even if episode 8 was crapy, i would watch next ones only for answers ..but now that we know RJ is a psychic and that we won't get any answer (he is mar, the list of suspects, visualize farm, ...), there are no reason i watch mentalist again.

Mentalist is over !! Ending as bad as Dexter and Lost.

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Alright guys. What did you think of this episode? 

Green: you liked it and you're satisfied.

Red: you didn't like it and you're disappointed.

I want Bruno Heller's blood right now as far as I'm concerned. That prick stole 40 minutes of my life every week for 5 years. Worst series ending. Ever. Ain't gonna watch The Mentalist ever again.

PS: I am still mourning Bob Kirkland. He was the best character in the series so far, and the most under-exploited.

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Firstly, what a crap ending to an awesome series.
Just something to think about, if RJ was really this great mind, he knew there were pigeons at the Partridge murder scene and therefore should have predicted Jane would latch onto his fear of pigeons especially after Jane noticed it again episode 2.

For such a "powerful" mind he really seemed unprepared.

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